FM22 Touch: Play NOW on Nintendo Switch

FM22 has finally arrived, which means it's time to embark on another weird and wonderful managerial journey.

Here's everything we know about this year's streamlined version of FM22.


Sports Interactive has finally dropped Football Manager 2022, meaning players on all devices can get started at their new clubs.

Jump in NOW to start your new career and start testing out some of the exciting new features that are newly available in Football Manager 2022.

NEW Features Revealed

Sports Interactive has finally released some brand new details of the features coming to FM22 Switch.

Controller Integration

FM22 Switch - now officially being called FM22 Touch - will feature enhanced controller integration between the Joy-Con controller and the game's UI.

A number of changes have been made, with minor tweaks across the entire interface being implemented to make FM22 Touch a smoother experience for players.

New Effects

A brand new feature coming to FM22 Touch this year is news effects, something that will already be familiar to those who play Football Manager on mobile.

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START SPREADING THE NEWS - Brand new news effects arrive in FM22 Touch

You will now be able to see how certain responses affect morale, with a small graphic indicating how your answer has been received by your team.

Data Hub and Match Experience

The Data Hub is now confirmed as a new addition to FM22 Touch, with the analytics department becoming an integral part of all Football Manager 2022 editions.

Momentum graphs and zone maps can be passed straight into your inbox, allowing you to make informed tactical choices ahead of your next big match.

Major improvements have also been made to the match experience in FM22 Touch, with improvements being made to the 3D match engine and a brand new player animation system being added to the game.

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FM22 Touch

FM Touch has always been a handy alternative for fans of the game, offering a more streamlined version for players that wanted a quicker experience of the football management simulator.

FM22 Touch was slated to release alongside the standard version, the Xbox version, and the mobile version of the game.

However, it's now been announced that this won't be happening.

MAJOR CHANGES - FM22 Touch will only be available on the Nintendo Switch
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MAJOR CHANGES - FM22 Touch will only be available on the Nintendo Switch

Instead, it's been confirmed that FM Touch will only be released on the Nintendo Switch.

Why FM22 Touch won't be available on PC

FM Touch has always provided a stripped back version for PC players, but not this year.

The developers have cited the pandemic as the reasoning behind this difficult decision, which is bound to be disappointing news for many long-term fans of the series.

Where can you play FM Touch?

FM22 Touch will be released solely on the Nintendo Switch, with PC players being given the alternate option of downloading the Xbox version via Steam or Xbox Game Pass.

WHERE TO PLAY - A handy guide for each version of FM22
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WHERE TO PLAY - A handy guide for each version of FM22

The developers have announced that a version of the 'versus' mode - available on FM Touch - will be implemented into the standard version of the game early next year.

Whilst it has no doubt been a difficult decision for the developers to make, it's been done to ensure the best overall experience for players on all devices

Miles Jacobson confirmed that the decision was 'best for the studio and the wider FM community'

There is no word on whether FM Touch will return to PC.

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