The Top 10 Central Midfielders in Football Manager

If you want to succeed in FM21, you'll need a strong midfield.

Having a solid central pairing is so important. An AMC who can dictate the play up top and a box-to-box DM who can clean up any counter-attack opportunities.

Here are the best of the best in FM21.

Latest News - Winter Update Arrives

The FM21 Winter Update has arrived, well, the first half at least.

That annual update has brought a host of changes to the SI title, including updated ratings.

That means it's all change at the top of the midfielder tree. But who has retained their place, and who has joined the running?

Best FM21 Central Midfielders

As we've alluded to in the title of this article, we are looking at any midfielder who's primary position is one of the three central midfield spots.

Whether it's DM, MC or AMC, if they are at the top of the rankings, they will feature in this list.

We are focusing solely on the player's Current Ability (CA) in order to ensure that we bring you the very best players from the beginning of your FM journey.

Kevin De Bruyne (CA 188)

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+ 10
KDB - The Belgian rules the roost on FM 21

Age: 29

Club: Manchester City

Position: MC, AMC, MR, ML

Best Attributes: 20 Vision, 18 Decisions, 18 Passing

Value: £86M

Wage: £230,000 per week

The top-rated midfielder in FM21 should come as no surprise to you, it's Manchester City's Belgian genius, Kevin De Bruyne.

The 29-year-old has some incredible attributes, including a maxed-out 20-rated vision, which means if you can see a pass is available, KDB can too.

With 18-rated passing and 18-rated vision there is no-one better to orchestrate your attacking set up. That is highlighted by his £86M value.

Toni Kroos (CA 170)

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+ 10
VISION - Kroos can pick out just about any pass

Age: 30

Club: Real Madrid

Position: MC, DM

Best Attributes: 20 Passing, 19 Corners, 18 First Touch

Value: £53M

Wage: £325,000 per week

De Bruyne is by far and away the best MC in FM21, with the 170-rated Toni Kroos the second best in his role.

The 30-year-old still has plenty of life left in him at the home of the Spanish giants, and, with 20-rated passing, he'll be dictating the tempo of the game for years to come.

His value is significantly less than that of KDB, but his wages are significantly higher.

David Silva (CA 168)

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+ 10
EL MAGO - David Silva is still at the top of his game

Age: 34

Club: Real San Sebastian (Real Sociedad)

Position: AMC, MC, M/AM L, M/AM R

Best Attributes: 19 Technique, 19 First Touch, 18 Dribbling

Value: £6.75M

Wage: £91,000 per week

He may not be at the Etihad Stadium anymore, but David Silva remains one of the very best central midfielders for yet another year.

The Spaniard moved back to his homeland with Real Sociedad in the summer and has continued his fine form over in La Liga.

Picking him up on FM21 will be tough given his age and newly transferred status, but could a Sociedad save be on the cards?

Luka Modric (CA 168)

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+ 10
ONE MORE YEAR - Modric will decline pretty quickly in FM21

Age: 34

Club: Real Madrid

Position: MC, AMC

Best Attributes: 19 Passing, 19 First Touch, 18 Technique

Value: £5.5M

Wage: £300,000 per week

Another Madridista who remains near the top of the rankings for yet another FM year is Luka Modric.

The 34-year-old still has plenty of life left in his legs yet, with a 19-rated first touch and 19-rated passing heading the way in terms of his best attributes.

His value is reflective of his age, however, his extortionate wages will price most out of a deal.

Paul Pogba (CA 167)

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+ 10
PEAK YEARS - Pogba will be peaking soon

Age: 27

Club: Manchester United

Position: MC, AMC

Best Attributes: 19 Technique, 18 Flair, 18 Balance

Value: £60M

Wages: £300,000 per week

Paul Pogba has struggled to for consistency in the last couple of years, but he's still pretty good on FM!

A 167-rated CA means that Pogba still has the potential to fit into most midfield setups in the world and, with a 176 Potential Ability (PA) the Frenchman still has room to grow.

He won't come cheap though.

Casemiro (CA 166)

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+ 10
BRICK WALL - Casemiro is hard to break down

Age: 28

Club: Real Madrid

Position: DM / M (C)

Best Attributes: 19 stamina, 19 work rate, 18 aggression

Value: £55M

Wage: £195,000 per week

As far as stalwart holding midfielders go, there aren't many better than Casemiro.

The Brazilian has all the physical attributes required to add an extra dimension to any midfield and, at 28-years-old, he's got plenty of life left in him yet.

£55M is rather steep, but his £195,000 a week wages are quite reasonable compared to others in this list.

Bruno Fernandes (CA 165)

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+ 10
RAPID RISE - Bruno is one of the Premier League's best

Age: 25

Club: Manchester United

Position: M/AM (C)

Best Attributes: 19 determination, 18 aggression, 18 stamina

Value: £63M

Wage: £100,000 per week

Despite only moving to Old Trafford some twelve months ago, Bruno Fernandes has quickly established himself as one of the worlds best.

The TOTY midfielder has shot up the rankings on FM, finding himself in the top 10 midfielders for the first time following this year's Winter Update.

He'll be hard to prise away from Manchester United, but he's also a great reason to pick the Manchester club for your next save.

N'Golo Kante (CA 165)

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+ 10
BOX TO BOX - Kante is the perfect box to box midfielder

Age: 29

Club: Chelsea

Position: DM, MC

Best Attributes: 20 Teamwork, 20 Work Rate, 19 Tackling

Value: £60M

Wages: £300,000 per week

If you prefer a more agile holding midfielder, then N'Golo Kante is your man.

The 29-year-old is hitting his peak years and, with a maxed-out 20-rated work rate, he certainly still has the ability to break down those counter attacks.

£60M seems steep, but he's still got plenty left to give. We'd try talk down that £300k p/w wage though.

Fabinho (CA 164)

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+ 10
MR VERSATILE - Defence or midfield, Fabinho can do it all

Age: 26

Club: Liverpool

Position: D (C), DM, D (R), M (C)

Best Attributes: 17 anticipation, 16 tackling, 16 first touch

Value: £55M

Wage: £120,000 per week

For those after a versatile addition to their midfield, Fabinho is a great option.

The Brazilian's recent switch to centre back has been reflected in this year's title, with the Liverpool man comfortable at the heart of the defence, or the heart of midfield.

He's listed as a regular starter at the club, as opposed to a key player or a star man. This means if you come in with the right offer, the Merseyside club will likely accept.

Fernandinho (CA 164)

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+ 10
LEAD BY EXAMPLE - Fernandinho has elite teamwork

Age: 35

Club: Manchester City

Position: DM, M (C)

Best Attributes: 18 work rate, 18 concentration, 17 teamwork

Value: £5.5M

Wage: £180,000 per week

The final name on the list is Manchester City captain, Fernandinho.

At 35-years-old, the Brazilian is likely to be considering retirement by the time his contract expires at the end of the first year.

His CA is also likely to drop pretty significantly after your first year of action, we'd avoid going after the City legend.

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