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The final version of Football Manager 24 is finally here as the game Beta has come to an end. This means fans can finally have a look at all the new features in FM 24, as some were still being tuned in the Beta

One of the most anticipated features in FM 24 was the training feature, which didn't undergo any massive change. However, some things were slightly tuned, meaning you will need to adapt your training method in FM 24 to get the best results. But don't worry about that, because we've got you covered.

So, let's take a look at the best training techniques in FM 24, which will help you develop your players in a significantly faster way.

Training in FM 24

Training in FM 24 is a very important part of how well your players develop and perform on the pitch. Getting this right is crucial at the start of the new title as it will help you start on the right foot!

FM 24 team training schedule
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The FM 24 team training schedule is more complex than it looks!

You also need to adapt your training according to your calendar. If you just have two days of rest between games you need to focus on recovering. When you are facing a superior opponent away from home, then working on your defense will probably be the smartest thing to do.

FM 24 also has individual player training, and that changes depending on that player's position, weaknesses and strengths, potential, and much more. There are many training nuances in FM 24, so let's start with team training.

Team training

Managing your team's training regimen is a crucial aspect of achieving success in FM 24. This can be delegated, however, if you want to make sure you are getting the most out of your team then you may as well look into it yourself!

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Team Calendar. Your team's training schedule is displayed on the calendar. Each type of training is colour-coded, providing a representation of your chosen training activities for each week.

General Training. You can select the primary focus of your general training using the drop-down menu in this section. This choice determines your team's standard training approach for the season.

Organising. Within this section, you'll find a slider that allows you to allocate time between team training and match-specific training. Adjusting the slider from left to right lets you prioritise team development or match preparation. Additionally, you can choose to provide rest periods before and/or after matches to ensure your players are at their best.

Match Training. Here, you can customise the type of match-specific training your team undergoes. Your selection here serves as the default for every upcoming game, but you can always modify it every week.

Plan for the future. The calendar in Football Manager 2024 displays a maximum of three weeks at a time, with the current week at the top and the following two weeks below.

Set pieces in Football Manager 24

Set pieces are a pivotal element in football, providing managers with an opportunity to gain an advantage during matches.

In Football Manager 24, the training system for set pieces has been enhanced to offer managers more control and options. In this guide, we'll delve into the training-specific aspects of mastering set pieces in FM 24.

set piece
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The Set Piece Creator in FM 24 has undergone a significant transformation in terms of tactical focus. Instead of relying solely on players' positions, the emphasis is now on players' attributes.

Your Set Piece Coach will guide you through six key questions to determine your defensive and offensive preferences:

  1. Marking Style: Choose between Zonal, Hybrid, or Man Marking for defensive set pieces.
  2. Counter-Attack Strategy: Determine the level of aggressiveness when countering opponents' set pieces.
  3. Delivery Target: Specify where your takers should aim their deliveries (near post, far post, or center).
  4. Delivery Style: Decide between in-swinging or out-swinging deliveries for set pieces.

Based on your responses, your Set Piece Coach will create initial corner and free-kick routines. Specific roles, such as Aerial Threat, Box Threat, Recovery Defender, and Creators, are automatically assigned, streamlining the setup process and reducing the need for manual instructions.

Training set pieces in FM 24 is a crucial aspect of achieving success as a manager. With Set Piece Coaches and the revamped Set Piece Creator, you now have the tools to develop effective set piece strategies, both defensively and offensively.

Player Targets affecting training

Player Targets is a recently introduced feature with a direct influence on a player's training progress.

Managers can now establish performance objectives for their squad members, improving various aspects such as training enhancements, goal scoring, assisting, maintaining clean sheets, and overall match performance.

player targets
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These objectives can be established during player feedback sessions, loan negotiations, contract discussions, or contract renewals, with input from both the player and their agent. Factors like the player's personality and their rapport with the manager play a pivotal role in setting these targets.

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