FM 22 Development Update reveals Release Date window, Gameplay changes

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With all the games that have been releasing over this year, FM 22 has fallen under the radar a little bit. Fans for some time have been wondering when they'd receive an update on the game.

The development studio Sports Interactive have released a Development Update blog on some of the struggles they've run into, and decisions that will impact gameplay this year.

Read on to see where the team is on FM 22 and its new release date window.

Release Date Window

Originally, the release date was set for November 9th, 2021. We learned in the development update from Sports Interactive, that this is likely to change.

SI are still aiming to release FM 22 before late November, when FM 21 was released, but it could come after the original expected release date.

Of course, it could still arrive on the expected release date, but Sports Interactive is more focused on releasing a complete FM 22, rather than meeting an exact release date.

The company is also dedicated to making sure they don't put unnecessary stress on their employees, something every game studio should focus on.

Gameplay changes in FM 22

With the extra time and effort, the crew at Sports Interactive are putting into the game, we'll see some realistic aspects and features brought to the game.

They will not, however, have anything related to Covid-19 incorporated into the game, they're dedicated to making Football Manager an escape from the real world.

Gameplay images from FM 22
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GAMEPLAY CHANGES: FM 22 will feel like an escape from reality on release day

Here are some of the gameplay changes you'll see when you launch FM 22:

  • Many clubs will start with smaller budgets than normal, having to sell players.
  • Some clubs will have to focus on reducing squad size and wage bills.
  • The in-game transfer system will be more flexible in FM 22.

Why the changes to FM 22?

We learned that one of the biggest issues that Football Manager 22 or FM 22 has run into is the Covid pandemic.

They've struggled to get people into the office and are currently only allowed 22 people in the office per day for safety concerns. This has slowed the development of the game, but not to worry, the team is still hard at work to put together an incredible game.

A team heads onto the field in FM 22
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COMING SOON: The Sports Interactive team is hard at work bringing you all FM 22 has to offer

Sports Interactive has changed the way they make Football Manager with FM 22, they're focused on a more agile approach this year. They've found ways to be more flexible due to many employees working from home.

It's nice to see a studio take care of their employees this way, all the while putting together a game that all can enjoy in the future.

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