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FM22 Beta: Just days left until Early Access

Football Manager 2022 is coming fast, and players can try the game out now thanks to the FM 22 Beta, which is available now!

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Here's everything you need to know about the Beta, including how to play now.



SI has taken everyone by surprise by launching the FM 22 beta without any warning on Thursday, October 21!

That means you can try FM 22 out now with a preorder through the approved vendor list, with most players going through Steam or the Epic Games Store.

New Features Showcased

SI has recently showcased some brand new features coming to FM22 via an exclusive Live Stream.

Click here for a full breakdown of everything shown.

Football Manager 2022 Release Date

The countdown is on - we now know when Football Manager 2022 is going to arrive.


The game's official release date is Tuesday, 9 November - but thanks to the Beta, you can play the game as early as Thursday, October 21.

How do I access the Beta?

Trying the game out is easy, but it’s not free.

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HIGH FIVES ALL ROUND - Get your team chemistry flying before the rest thanks to the Beta

To access the Beta of the game you must have pre-ordered it through the respected store, so in a sense you have a head start on getting to grips with the new features, giving you the edge on the competition, before getting the main game.

Check out all the details on how to pre-order Football Manager 2022 right here.


So how much will it set you back?

FM21 costs £39.99 / $54.99 from the Epic Game or Steam stores, with pre-purchasing the game getting you 10% off.

What platform can I try it on?

Over the years, Football Manager has been associated with PC/Mac users and accessed through Steam.

However, in December, versions of the game were released for iOS, Android and were even brought over to Nintendo consoles via the Switch.

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SONY TO MISS OUT - PS4 and PS5 are unlikely to see Football Manager 2022 on the PS store.

Microsoft too has linked up with Sports Interactive to release the last instalment on Xbox consoles, which was the first time they had a version for 11 years!


This year the game will be available on Xbox Game Pass from Day One - opening the game up to even more players.

However, we are unlikely to see Sony partner up with the gaming giants as Sports Interactive spoke last year on why there will be no PS4/PS5 release.

What new features will we see in the Beta?

Each year Sports Interactive finds ways to keep the game so refreshing, which is why fans get hooked.

So far, there has been no new information on additions to the game, although fans are hoping for more player faces to be included in the game, a higher number of licensed teams, as well as an update to the 90s feeling match day engine.