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FM22 New Features: TRY NOW

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Football Manager 2022 has officialy arrived, meaning you can jump into the game now and try out FM22's brand new features.

Check below to find out everything we know about the brand new features in Football Manager 2022.


Football Manager 2022 has officially launched, meaning you can jump on now and get started in your new career.

For those playing the Beta, a brand new 475MB update file is available. Whilst there are no official patch notes for this, we believe the day one update will tackle minor bugs and performance issues.

New Features Showcased

Brand new gameplay has been showcased by SI via a Twitch live stream.

Check out the full stream here for over 2 hours of new gameplay:

The official FM YouTube channel has also conducted a series of interviews with FM22's developers, with brand new headline features revealed.

Check out the full video here:

FM 22 debuts a features trailer!

There had been a ton of speculation surrounding the features that Football Manager 2022 was going to bring this year and we've got our first look at some of them.

A feature that stood out to us quite a bit was the addition of the wide centre back position, giving you a brand new way to attack and defend against your opponent.

The FM 22 lineup screen
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NEW TACTICS: A brand new way to play is being brought to FM 22

Here are a couple of gameplay updates we learned about during the recent development announcement:

  • Many clubs will start with smaller budgets than normal, having to sell players.
  • Some clubs will have to focus on reducing squad size and wage bills.
  • The in-game transfer system will be more flexible in FM 22.

To check out the features trailer and all the new updates, head here!

Developer Interview

We recently sat down with Nic Madden and CJ Ramson from Football Manager 2022's match team, discussing all the new additions to this year's game.

Click here to read the full interview.

"Success doesn't always mean silverware"

A popular quote to recite to any Spurs fan, but realistically, very few football clubs are fighting for silverware each and every season.

Sports Interactive has teased that Football Manager 2022 will "give you new ways to earn success for your club".

We believe this could involve growing your fan base, which can currently only be achieved once you get to the very top.

Perhaps there will be new elements, including growing your social media following - which will correlate with performances on the pitch.

Clearer scouting

In scout reports on FM21, you will have correspondence from scouts, performance analysts, the Director of Football, agents and current player recommendations all piled together.

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CLARITY IS KEY - Only die hard FM fans have the patience to go through scout reports

Yes, it is valuable to have all of this to decide on making a move for a player, but it can be overwhelming.

Clearer, concise reporting on players would help you make informed decisions without pressing the panic button.

Match Engine creativity

When watching matches in the match engine, it can be baffling how opponents can just skip straight past your defenders.

fm 21 match engine
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SUPERHUMAN - Sometimes it loos like the attacker has warped straight through the defendfer

The introduction of skill moves would not only offer an improved visual performance, but would also help you understand why your dopey right back has just been skinned for the third time in 10 minutes.

This could then go hand-in-hand will skill move training to ensure your players are winning those one-on-one battles.

Change up the VARce

VAR has been a great introduction to FM, but it's very obvious what decisions are going to be made.

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FAMILIAR SIGHT - Adding more variation and speed to VAR is needed

If an offside decision is being reviewed by VAR, it is always to disallow it - which isn't realistic.

VAR checks need to be sped up too - something that has improved in real life - so let's see it in the game!

Set piece set-ups

The introduction of the ability to rank players by attacking or defending positions would go a long way.

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FRESHEN IT UP - Set pieces go out the window as soon as you make a sub

You may want to ensure you have your best defender is at the front post, but this can go haywire once you make some subs.

You shouldn't have to re-do ALL your tactics just because you made a substitution.

Women's football?

Sports Interactive announced its commitment to women's football over the summer, and it will come to the Football Manager series... but not just yet.

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'ERE WE GO - Expect to see women in Football Manager in a few years' time

Even FM23 may be too soon, with the company wanting to make sure that it does the women's game justice, with the data compiling process already underway.

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