Does Football Manager 2023 Have Multiplayer?

Football Manager 2023

Football Manager 2023 is here, which means you can jump in now and get started in your new managerial career.

With that in mind, we want to take a look at all the ways you can challenge your mates in FM23, with a host of features added to make multiplayer play possible across different consoles.

FM23 Multiplayer

There are three ways in which you can challenge friends in Football Manager 2023:

  • Online Career
  • Fantasy Draft
  • Versus Mode

Each mode provides a unique challenge for the player, with the multiplayer modes accessible to players at all levels of FM experience.

Online Career

In Online Career, you can have anywhere between two and 32 players at any one time.

You and your friends can challenge each other in the same league, across continents or on the international stage.

An online career allows you and your mates to play through games at the same time, tracking their fixtures and results across the season.

All the hype and suspense lead to the big moment: when you finally face off against your mate and put your tactical prowess to the test.

Fantasy Draft

Fantasy Draft is an exciting game mode that allows you to put a dream team you’ve crafted to the test in a knockout tournament format.

You’ll create your own club before drafting a squad.

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CHALLENGE YOUR MATES - Draft Mode allows you to take on your friends

As ever, you will have full rein over the filters applied for these players, and whether you decide to choose real players, or those placed in a custom pool.

Tweaking things like club budgets also alters the challenge, with different tournament formats allowing you to truly test who is the Football Manager 2023 boss.

Versus Mode

Versus Mode was introduced for Xbox players in Football Manager 2022 and is currently exclusive to the console version - we expect this to be the same for Football Manager 2023.

Versus Mode allows you to export a team from your current single-player career to use, or pick an existing squad from the real world, before going head-to-head with your makes

It's similar to the kick-off mode seen in fifa 23, with this being the easiest way to challenge your mates across consoles in FM23.

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