Counting down to the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox

Microsoft Flight Simulator arrived on PC late last year to some fanfare and too few frames. As it is quite hard to ruin, the Xbox version took a little while to port and the game will be a little different to PC, but still an impressive experience.

Finally, the day has arrived and you can play Microsoft Flight Simulator for yourself today. Here are the best flight sticks for Microsoft Flight Simulator, in case you want a more immersive experience.

Latest - Flight Simulator Has Arrived

After some time, Microsoft's Flight Simulator has finally arrived on console. You can get in there right now to test it out for yourself.

It's included as part of Xbox Game Pass so you can test it out for a reduced rate if you like gaming subscription services.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox Release Time & Date

The game finally launches on Xbox on July 27th, almost a year after it initially launched on PC.

This means, from the time of writing, you have just one day left until you can play the game for yourself. Make sure to get your Series X / S booted up in time.

Luckily, Microsoft were kind enough to reveal the exact time you can play it for yourself.

You can check out the full list above. The Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox release time has been set for:

  • 8 am PT
  • 11 am ET
  • 4 pm BST

Is It Coming To Xbox Game Pass?

Just like Flight Simulator on PC, the console port will launch straight onto Xbox Game Pass.

You can preload the game right now on Xbox via the Game Pass app or the Game Pass tab on your Xbox.

Download Size

Thought it could change with time, on the app right now, it shows that Microsoft Flight Simulator needs "up to 97GB" to install.

Just to be safe, you should clear around 100GB on your Xbox to save some room.

Will It Come to Xbox One?

Unfortunately, it seems this is one of the few Xbox games we've received so far that will not be coming to the last generation of Xbox. It's a notoriously hard to run game so it makes sense this would be reserved for the Series X/S

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