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Flight Simulator First Impressions! - Ease of Use, Scale, Weather, Realism and More!

Fans of the Flight Sim genre finally have their hands on the first versions of the new title!

Unlike most games, its nothing but positive experiences and reviews coming from the users.

Here, we cover the major points these testers have noticed, as well as what they enjoyed about the game.

Check out Andy Kelly's piece on PC Gamer for his full experience!

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Ease of Use

When something is easy to use, it should go unnoticed. This means ease of use rarely gets noticed.

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However, with the new Flight Sim, there has been a clear focus on making the simulator easy to use.


To choose a location, you'll interact with a 3D globe and choose your location that way.

The entire experience would be seamless if it wasn't for the loading screens.

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These are dependant on the system you're using, but overall they aren't a major complaint.


The scale of the new Flight Sim has been on everyone's mind since it was mentioned.

The thought of access a fully seamless world seems unobtainable, but somehow Microsoft has pulled off the impossible.

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If you want to fly from New York to London, you can do that, but it'll take you six hours.

The satellite mapping has allowed Microsoft to create this ultra-realistic world.


Another noticeable feature that really stands out in Flight Sim is the dynamic weather.

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A storm cloud doesn't feel like an obstacle, it feels like each cloud has its own personality and behaviour.

The feel and feedback that's given when flying through rough weather is dynamic and never feels the same.

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However, if tackling rough weather isn't something you're interested in, that's OK. Set the weather to clear and soar across oceans, cities, mountains and more!


Finally, the realism of Flight Sim is fantastic.

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Cities, mountains, seas, deserts and more are all fully rendered to extreme detail.

You may find some buildings in rural areas aren't perfect, but for most of the time, you'll be flying too high to notice these small details.

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If you have a graphics card that allows ray-tracing, you'll be able to experience the game in another level of realism!