Microsoft Flight Simulator Gets Console Release Date

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is an impressive behemoth of a game with tonnes of unique sights to see an even more impressive file size to have a look at. Over the last year, it has seen a bunch of important updates and even VR support.

Finally, after so long on PC, it is coming to Xbox and Xbox Gamepass on its release later this year. This is everything you should know about its release and what to look forward to.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox Release Date

In the reveal trailer, after looking at some gorgeous sights and flying around the world, the screen fades to black and white text pops up on screen saying "Landing on Series X/S". This is then followed by the release date - Available July 27th

Just one month away, you don't have long to wait. It's coming to GamePass on launch making that release date even more tempting. Alongside this, a free DLC inspired by Top Gun is releasing for free later this year.

Will Microsoft Flight Simulator Come To Xbox One?

Unfortunately, we have no confirmation as of yet. This being said, it is very unlikely we will see this. When Flight Simulator launched last year, it was rather tough to run on PCs then.

The Xbox One is started to become very limited by its hardware and so too is the Xbox One X, a better but still comparably weak machine. The trailer rather specifically says Xbox Series X at the end and the Xbox One is noticeably missing. This likely means that we won't see Flight Simulator come to last-gen consoles later this year. With a huge install and software that is pretty hard to run, this decision makes sense, even if its a shame to see the Xbox One being left behind.

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