Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020: Update 6 Patch Notes - Planes, Navigation & more

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 has only gotten better since its first landing on 18 August. And a new patch, Update 6, is only adding more improvements.

Let's dive into the patch notes of the game's newest update.

MSFS 2020 Update 6 Patch Notes

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020's newest patch, Update 6, is now live in-game!

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TO THE SKIES: Take off with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020's newest patch

These are the changes players can experience now.


  • Navblue data is up to date
  • Navigation data date is now dynamically set in avionics


  • ATC window lists entire name of approaches
  • The ATC now responds to requests to change approach into an airport
  • Users can now request IFR clearance despite having a flight plan in the GPS
  • ATC now responds to requests for changing runways within range of an airport


  • The Airbus A320neo Fly-by-wire bank oscillation now works properly
  • The Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner has had its engine power reduced
  • Fixed issue with broken plane instruments when switching to metrics from the options menu
  • Fixed cockpit interactions in 3rd party airplanes
  • All liveries are now accessible and should load correctly


  • Lightning will no longer trigger in clear skies


  • Sensitivity curve methodology is now adapted for different inputs


  • Temporal anti-aliasing and a new sharpen filter using AMD FidelityFX CAS has arrived

When will the next update arrive?

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 patches are a roughly 10 days apart, with Development Updates sometimes coming between.

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NEW AND IMPROVED: Update 6 brings important changes to the game

These Development Updates give us an idea of where the game is moving, and the patches show this progress with changes.

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That means we can expect the next Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 update patch to land somewhere around 20 November.

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