Will FIFA 24 have real teams?

With plenty of chatter online regarding FIFA 24's licenses, fans of the franchise want to know whether the new game will have real-life teams.

Well, first of all, it's important to understand that FIFA as we know it will now be named 'EA Sports FC', following EA Sports' split from FIFA.

FIFA has assured fans that a FIFA 24 will still be developed with the aim to rival EA Sports FC.

Right now, there's very little concrete information about both FIFA 24 and EA Sports FC, but we do have a good idea about what licenses both games will hold.

Will FIFA 24 have real teams?

As far as FIFA 24 goes, we are sceptical as to how many real teams will be in the game.

EA Sports has recently signed a new six-year deal with the Premier League, the biggest league in the world.

Konami will also be competing for more exclusive rights to certain clubs, particularly in the Italian Serie A.

This means we could see FIFA fall by the wayside as players want to use real-life clubs, players, kits and badges to give them a sense of authenticity.

EA Sports FC licenses

For EA Sports FC, every team that has signed a deal to feature in the FIFA series was technically signing with EA Sports, rather than FIFA themselves.

That means that EA Sports FC will feature all the licensed leagues and teams that feature in FIFA 23, with more potentially on the way.

EA Sports FC Liverpool
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THE BIGGEST NAMES - EA will retain its impressive license portfolio for EA Sports FC

On top of the sides that have featured in FIFA for years, new licenses are expected to be added, with an expansion of women's sides almost certain to arrive when EAFC lands in 2023.

So fear not, you will still be able to use all of your favourite teams when EA Sports FC lands in 2023.

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