When will Endrick be added to FIFA?

FIFA 23 Brazil

FIFA 23 Brazil

Wonderkids and FIFA go together like any classic combo and the arrival of this new Brazilian superstar is sure to get the FIFA community buzzing.

It's been announced that Real Madrid has won the race to sign Palmeiras wonderkid Endrick, with one of South America's greatest hopes moving to the Bernabeu for a major fee.

With that in mind, the FIFA community only has one thought: when is he coming to the game?

When will Endrick be in FIFA?

Real Madrid may have announced the signing of superstar wonderkid Endrick, but it will be some time before he's actually donning their classic strip.

Endrick, due to his age, will not join Real Madrid fully until January 2024, with transfer rulings restricting him from being registered.

This means that Endrick will not arrive in FIFA until a similar time, with the possibility of this hotshot youngster never appearing in the game at all.

Why is that?

Because FIFA, as we know it, is set to come to a close when FIFA 23 wraps up, with no new game announced.

Endrick will certainly appear in EA Sports FC, and there's a good chance he will be the biggest and best wonderkid available in the game.

It remains to be seen what happens with new licenses when EA Sports FC launches in 2023, but a refresh of the Brazilian league could see Endrick arrive in the game at full launch.

Failing that, the earliest confirmed appearance for Endrick will be in EA Sports FC, likely in a January update.

Endrick's Rating & Potential

Taking that into account, we would expect Endrick to be given a rating of around 76 OVR, and - with the same growth progression as Moukoko - a potential of 96 OVR!

That would give him a better than Kylian Mbappe, who currently sits at the top of the tree with 95 OVR.

Only time will tell what EA decide to give him in-game, but he is definitely going to be a special player.

Find out when Endrick will be added in-game here.

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