RealSport101 FIFA Advent Calendar - Day 9

RealSport Advent Calendar 9

Throughout December, we will be taking a look back at some of our favourite players from previous FIFA games.

Our advent calendar series won't just provide a sense of great nostalgia for us, but it should also unlock your memories for some of the best OP stars FIFA has ever seen.

RealSport101 Advent Calendar - Day 9

Not every player that features in this series will be immediately identifiable as an Ultimate Team legend, and this is certainly a case of personal preference.

A man whose career took many twists and turns, this English winger looked to be a world-beater at one time, but his star quickly fell after a failed move to the top.

That being said, Scott Sinclair will always be a FUT legend to us.

Scott Sinclair - FIFA 12

Back in the day when silver cards were usable, there was no greater star than Swansea City gem Scott Sinclair.

A deadly left-winger with the ability to cut in and cause havoc with his right foot, Sinclair quickly became known as one of the best-underrated cards to use in FIFA 12.

For those of you who weren't familiar, FIFA 12 was very much the year of the silver card, with underrated teams running riot against top-rated sides.

FIFA 12 Scott Sinclair
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SILVER SUPERSTAR - Scott Sinclair was one of the very best in FIFA 12

Sinclair was very much one of those players, with the 74-rated winger able to provide total devastation from the left-hand side.

Sinclair replicating his real-life form in-game, with the Swansea winger showing the capabilities that would earn him a move to rising club Manchester City.

Sinclair will always be a gem in the FIFA world, remembered for his consistent finesse shots that left many a goalkeeper grasping at thin air.

What Happened to Scott Sinclair?

As mentioned above, Sinclair has had quite the career, bouncing up and down the UK like it's no man's business.

Impressing at Swansea, Sinclair, unfortunately, flopped hard at Manchester City and found himself revitalised at Celtic.

Becoming the main man as the Glasgow club swallowed up multiple trophies, Sinclair eventually moved to Preston before returning to boyhood club Bristol Rovers this season.

Now 33, Sinclair is winding down in his career, but he'll be hoping to showcase some more magic before hanging up those iconic boots.

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