RealSport101 FIFA Advent Calendar - Day 2

RealSport Advent Calendar Day 2

The festive season is here, and throughout December we will be highlighting some of our favourite players from FIFA titles gone by.

Our advent calendar series will take you on a trip down memory lane, hopefully filling you with a sense of nostalgia as we count down the days until Santa comes calling!

RealSport101 Advent Calendar - Day 2

Currently regarded as the best player in the world, he was also one of the most expensive cards in Ultimate Team last year.

I felt incredibly lucky to have packed this French sensation, doing so by grinding through some Ligue 1 Players Pack SBCs while Team of the Season cards from that league were live.

Team of the Season Kylian Mbappe - FIFA 22

In case you haven't guessed already, Kylian Mbappe was one of the Team of the Season cards I bagged last year!

It was when he was first released into packs too, so I got plenty of time to make use of him in Ultimate Team over the next few months.

He is almost certainly the best player I've ever used in any FIFA title, perfectly fitting the pacey meta of FIFA 22.

Because he has maximum pace, people often overlooked just how good all his other attributes are, including having 90 Strength!

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UNSTOPPABLE - Mbappe just keeps getting better and better

Just to highlight what an OP player he was in the game, he has a 99 rating on the following stats: Acceleration, Sprint Speed, Positioning, Finishing, Agility, Reactions, Ball Control, Dribbling and Stamina.

With 99 PAC, 96 SHO and 99 DRI he was absolutely lethal and took my team to the next level.

I can't sum up properly the excitement I felt when packing him, but hope that everyone gets to feel that way at least once in FIFA 23!

World At His Feet

The incredible thing about Kylian Mbappe is that he isn't just a current superstar, he is one for the future too!

Part of the astonishing Monaco team that won the Ligue 1 title before being picked apart by other clubs, he has skyrocketed in the past few years for both club and country.

Mbappe has won the last four Ligue 1 Golden Boot awards, is the second-highest goalscorer in PSG history, has four Ligue 1 titles, was Ligue 1's top assist provider last year, and has won the World Cup.

He is 23 years old!

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KING OF PARIS - Can Mbappe win the Champions League with PSG?

Now with a lucrative contract at PSG, it is no wonder the club wanted to do everything it could to keep hold of him - even if that meant handing over control to the Frenchman!

After a generation was told we would never see players of the same calibre as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo again, could Kylian Mbappe usurp them both and be regarded as the ultimate GOAT?

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