RealSport101 FIFA Advent Calendar - Day 10

RealSport Advent Calendar Day 10

RealSport Advent Calendar Day 10

As we move deeper into December our FIFA advent calendar continues to reveal some top players to reminisce about.

Let's take a look behind door number 10, which is hiding a Dutch destroyer!

RealSport101 Advent Calendar - Day 10

The Classic XI introduced the stars of yesteryears to a whole new generation when it landed in FIFA.

It was the ultimate team to pick for many years when playing in Kick-Off (even if that did make you a scumbag) and there was a fan-favourite player you always wanted to get the ball to!

Ronaldo Koeman - FIFA 06 Onwards

Introduced in FIFA 06, the Classic XI could be unlocked in-game, allowing you to take control of some of the game's true greats.

Ronaldo Koeman made the inaugural squad and was an instant hit with fans!

There was nothing the man couldn't do and, despite being listed as a CB, there was no way he would be played there.

He had the Complete Midfielder and Complete Defender specialities, with the Power Free-Kick, Long Shot-Taker and Long Passer traits.

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KING KOEMAN - The Dutch defender could unleash thunderbolt shots

Unlike other players we've selected, who were fantastic in Career Mode and/or Ultimate Team, the reason I've picked Koeman is due to the fun I had using him in Kick Off.

I enjoy playing online but getting some mates over and having some fun games - or creating a tournament - beats online every time!

Taking pot-shots from miles out and trying to hit spectacular free kicks into the top bins always felt doable when the ball was at the Dutchman's feet.

To take things to the next level, we would also play around with the in-game settings, increasing shot accuracy and power, to score some truly ridiculous goals!

Modding the Game

EA gets lots of complaints about the gameplay in FIFA all year round, with people unhappy with a certain meta, wanting the play to be quicker or slower, and generally designed towards their likes.

Of course, they can't please all the people all the time, however, if you want to change the gameplay, you can!

We hadn't really thought about it much ourselves, but it was pointed out when interviewing FIFA 23's Lead Gameplay Producer Sam Kovalev earlier in the year.

"We always try to recreate the authenticity and realism of what's happening in real life when you're on the pitch, but at the same time, you'd like to give full freedom and creativity to all our players.
"We don't support just one play style. You can modify all of the settings to see what you enjoy the most and play that one. We want to create a fun environment for our players."

So, if you're unhappy with the gameplay or want to try out something new, tinker around with the various gameplay settings to customise and tailor it to your likeness!

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