Is FIFA 23 out now?

FIFA 23 is going to be the last title released between EA and FIFA and it is set to go out with a bang!

With various different times that you can access the game happening before worldwide release, we're here to answer, is FIFA 23 out now?

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Is FIFA 23 out now?

Simply put, no. At least, not the full version of the game.

The FUT 23 Web App was released on Wednesday, 21 September, allowing players with an account the ability to access some features in Ultimate Team.

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NOT LONG NOW - Gamers will soon be able to access the full title

The worldwide release will happen on Friday, 30 September, but there will be opportunities for players to get on the game before then, which you can find out below.

Access Points

The following dates reveal when certain features of FIFA 23 will be able to be accessed:

  • Wednesday, 21 September - Web App release (limited Ultimate Team access)
  • Thursday, 22 September - Companion App release (limited Ultimate Team access)
  • Tuesday, 27 September - Early Access for Ultimate Edition pre-orders & 10-hour EA Play trial (full game)
  • Friday, 30 September - Worldwide release (full game)
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