FIFA: eMLS Champion shares behind-the-scenes insight in BRAND NEW documentary

FIFA has taken on a whole new level of competitivity in recent years, with the launch of tournaments like the FIFA eWorld Cup making the competitive scene more exciting than ever.

One man attempting to reach the very top of the game is current eMLS Champions Paulo Neto, the superstar FIFA player representing Brazil and Atlanta United.

Neto's run in the eWorld Cup was valiant, and now a brand new behind-the-scenes documentary offers us insight like never before.

Paulo Neto Documentary

We were fortunate enough to speak to Paulo before he journeyed into World Cup contention, with the Atlanta United FIFA player showcasing nothing but confidence heading into the tournament:

"I can be the champion. I have the experience. I have played a lot of tournaments and I know what it means to be the champion. I feel that I can go far but everyone is good so it's a difficult time."

In the brand new documentary, produced by the talented team at Atlanta United, you can delve into the mindset of Paulo Neto and follow his every move in the tournament.

From a rough start to a triumphant comeback, the documentary showcases the highs and lows of the competitive FIFA scene, showcasing the eWorld Cup as we've never seen it before.

New Frontiers

Not only does this brand documentary give us an insight into the mindset of a competitive FIFA player, but it also showcases the endless potential that the competitive FIFA scene possesses.

A bold and brave new frontier is now being explored, one in which the FIFA players are the stars and the competitions are the base for glory and despair.

Whilst we won't offer any spoilers for those who don't know the outcome, you can be certain that Paulo Neto will once again return to fight for his place at the top of the competitive FIFA scene.

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