FIFA 2K24 potentially on the cards after Take-Two pays tribute to 'great' FIFA brand

Take-Two is the parent company behind Rockstar Games, Private Division and 2K, the latter of which publishes sports game series such as WWE 2K and NBA 2K.

When speaking to IGN, Take-Two Interactive caught the attention of gamers across the country when describing FIFA as a "great brand" with "incredible clout".

These comments arose after FIFA's high-profile split with EA last week after almost 30 years and have raised an interesting question amongst the FIFA community - could FIFA 2K24 be on the cards?

FIFA 2K24 on the cards?

Take-Two boss Strauss Zelnick has stated that Take-Two is interested in expanding its sports portfolio.

However, Zelnick did not have anything to announce regarding FIFA at this current time. Zelnick said:

"We're definitely interested in expanding our opportunities in sports and FIFA has a great brand and incredible clout, but we have no current plans to discuss."
ONE LAST TIME - FIFA 23 will be the last EA Sports FIFA game ever
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ONE LAST TIME - FIFA 23 will be the last EA Sports FIFA game ever

Earlier this year, a VGC report suggested 2K was next developing a series of sports-based Lego games, with a World Cup 2022 title set to launch in time for the tournament itself later this year.

This ties in nicely with the World Cup content which is set to be included in EA's final FIFA-branded release, FIFA 23.

EA Sports FC Confirmed

It's official... 'EA Sports FC' has been confirmed by the EA Sports FIFA Twitter account.

You can check out the EA Sports FC promo video via the Tweet below.

So, the transition from 'FIFA' to 'EA Sports FC' has been completed.

According to multiple reports, the name change of an EA Sports title called FIFA came about because EA and FIFA could not come to an agreement on cost and new revenue streams going forward.

As far as we understand, FIFA 23 will still go ahead as normal, but this will likely be the final 'EA Sports FIFA' title in the franchise.

So, with EA Sports FC 24 looks likely, unless Take-Two has something to say about it...

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