FIFA and EA set for BATTLE as FIFA 25 leaks



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EA Sports and FIFA officially split up last year, with both companies heading in different directions, but both also pledging to keep up their side of the bargain.

We already know that EA Sports are going ahead with the release of EA Sports FC in 2023 and recent rallying cries from FIFA president Gianni Infantino provided an indication that FIFA aren't done yet.

Now, a new set of leaks seems to have suggested that FIFA 25 is all but confirmed, with a release window set and some major details on the project all being revealed.

Check below for everything you need to know about the latest FIFA 25 leaks.

FIFA 25 Leaked

Prolific FIFA leaker @FUTZONEFIFA has once again taken to Twitter to drop a bombshell, leaking the arrival of FIFA 25.

Recently, the account has been leaking some information regarding EA Sports FC and whilst any rumour/leak needs to be scrutinised, this same source has gotten things right in the past.

That being said, nothing has been confirmed officially when it comes to FIFA 25, but this is our first whiff of confirmation and news.

The leak suggests that FIFA 25 will launch in Winter 2025, offering a direct rival to EA Sports FC.

The leak also goes on to suggest that this could be one of the biggest projects in gaming history - but we're more dubious over the latter part.

Instead, the prospect of FIFA 25 releasing in 2024 is very real, with FIFA yet to secure a developer and needing more time to get things set in stone.

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LOOKING TO THE FUTURE - 2K could take up the FIFA mantle

Of course, any new FIFA release would look very different from what we're used to, but that may be a good thing. The tired formula of recent years in FIFA needs to be broken, and hopefully EA Sports FC can set a strong marker.

Not only would the game look and feel different, many clubs would also be absent, as it's EA that own many of the exclusive licenses.

Overall, whilst we're are only looking at one leaked piece of news, there is every chance that FIFA are close to securing a developer and announcing a new gaming title, with recent strong words from the president showing that FIFA are still up for a fight.

War of Words

The split between FIFA and EA has been acrimonious, with each side slamming the other for various reasons and trying to lure the fanbase to its own football game offering.

Gianni Infantino has been elected FIFA President once again and in a speech at the FIFA Congress, it wasn't just the state of real-life football he commented on, saying:

"The new FIFA game - the FIFA 25, 26, 27 and so on - will always be the best e-game for any girl or boy, we will have news on this very soon.”
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BATTLE STATIONS - Infantino is backing FIFA to take on all competition

This echoes a previous statement made, in which he said:

"I can assure you that the only authentic, real game that has the FIFA name will be the best one available for gamers and football fans. The FIFA name is the only global, original title. FIFA 23, FIFA 24, FIFA 25 and FIFA 26, and so on - the constant is the FIFA name and it will remain forever and remain THE BEST."

It's clear that Infantino is ready for a fight, and any potential release of FIFA 25 could be the first battle between these former allies.


When any mention of future FIFA games come around, there's the inevitable scramble to work out who may develop them.

2K are always mentioned in passing, with the game showing a good track record with games like NBA 2K and WWE 2K.

During a recent financial call, Take-Two CEO, Strauss Zelnick, was asked about the EA-FIFA dispute and if 2K Sports would be interested in taking on the title, should the license become available.

ea sports fc
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CHANGE THE GAME - Could we see an 'EA Sports FC' game in the future?

Take-Two, which owns 2K Sports, currently only has one soccer series which is the mobile game, Top Eleven.

Zelnick replied with the following statement:

“We are so thrilled to have Nordeus in the Take-Two family, they’re just crushing it and Top Eleven is a great, beloved title. I just couldn’t be happier to be in the soccer manager business through Top Eleven with the Nordeus team."
“That’s a big step forward for us… we haven’t been in that sport before. And erm, I think I’ll leave it at that today.”

All things considered, a FIFA and 2K collaboration certainly wouldn't surprise any one at this point.

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