FIFA 23 World Cup: FIVE things we want to see in this year's mode

The World Cup mode is confirmed to be returning in FIFA 23, much to the delight of fans who remember World Cup joys from previous games.

From a stunning aesthetic to a World Cup Ultimate Team mode, we've made our picks for five things we want to see in FIFA 23's World Cup Mode.

World Cup FUT

One of the most exciting things about any World Cup mode in FIFA is the prospect of the spin-off World Cup Ultimate Team mode.

Functioning the same as normal FUT - the World Cup mode provides links to players through nationality and continent, allowing you to build weird and wonderful squads.

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NATIONAL UTLIMATE TEAM - World Cup FUT should return in FIFA 23

Played solely in the World Cup stadiums and allowing you to lift the main prize with your team, the return of the World Cup FUT mode would see plenty of smiles on fans' faces.

Brand New Stadiums

The World Cup mode will almost certainly bring brand new stadiums to FIFA 23, and we can't wait to see the aesthetic of Qatar 2022 brought to our consoles.

Some stunning footballing cathedrals have been erected for this tournament - and whilst it won't pass without controversy - we still think Qatar could offer the most unique feel for a World Cup yet.

The Lusail Stadium - the main stadium for Qatar 2022 - looks to be a magnificent structure that could see jaws hit the floor when its brought into FIFA 23.

We all love new stadiums, and the World Cup mode is sure to give us what we all want.

A Fresh Look

Not only will the World Cup mode bring new stadiums, it should also bring a new aesthetic to FIFA 23.

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WORLD CUP FEVER - Past World Cup modes have felt extra special

Specialised menu screens and a unique UI should completely differentiate the mode from anything else in FIFA 23.

Not only does this fresh look allow fans to feel immersed in World Cup fever, it also prevents the new game from feeling stale.

Having a World Cup mode has always made FIFA feel extra special, and the correct implementation across the board could make FIFA 23 the best yet.

World Cup Career Mode

Something we have loosely seen in past implementations of a World Cup mode, a focused international Career Mode would be a great plus in FIFA 23.

Allowing you to take charge of different nations and working through qualifying before arriving at the grand stage would be a great way to boost career mode playing numbers.

With international management still a large part of career mode, the arrival of a World Cup mode should permit this element to be maximised to its full capacity.

Take it to the Streets

VOLTA may be the forgotten son of the main FIFA game modes, but it's certainly one that could be on the rise.

Its return in FIFA 23 is inevitable, and it could be boosted by the arrival of the World Cup mode.

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THROWBACK - Could EA take the World Cup to the streets in FIFA 23?

Allowing you to take your national sides to the streets and compete in a VOLTA-style World Cup competition would be a cool element for both local and online play.

Either way, World Cup fever will undoubtedly take the world by storm once again this year, and EA needs to make sure they're taking full advantage of this multi-month footballing bonanza.

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