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FIFA 23: FIVE Stadiums we NEED to see in this year's game

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FIFA 23 isn't far away, which means we can start looking ahead to some of the brand new features we would like to see added to this year's game.

With licenses trading places like a wonderkid in a summer transfer window, it's time to take a look at one of the best parts of any FIFA game, the stadiums.

From returning classics to new grounds that desperately need to be added, here are five stadiums we're hoping to see in FIFA 23.

Nou Camp

Barcelona's stadium has been absent from the FIFA franchise for far too long, ever since the Spanish giants signed a deal with Konami.

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CATALAN CATHEDRAL - The Nou Camp could return in FIFA 23

A huge miss that makes Barca almost unplayable in any offline mode, it's time to bring back this Spanish classic.

Set to be renamed following the club's sponsorship deal with Spotify, it would be a crying shame if the home of the Catalan giants isn't brought back into FIFA 23.

Allianz - Both of them!

Two for the price of one here, with two more stadiums currently exclusive to eFootball that we are desperately hoping to see make a return to the FIFA franchise.

Whilst license deals are part of the game, taking away stadiums, badges and kits only ends up leaving the fans to suffer.

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MODERN MASTERPIECE- The Allianz stadium is exclusive to Konami

With both Allianz stadiums standing as beautiful structures to two top clubs - Juventus and Bayern Munich - we're desperate to see them return in FIFA 23.

With EA currently boasting the Champions League license, it all feels rather odd when you consider that some of the game's biggest stadia are absent from the world's biggest football game.

Lusail Stadium

World Cup fever is set to hit us all at the end of 2022, with Qatar hosting the tournament for the very first time.

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GRANDEST STAGE - The Lusail Stadium will host the 2022 World Cup final

Of course, it would be great to see all of the brand new World Cup stadiums in the game - and we're pretty sure we will - but the Lusail Stadiums is certain to be the crowning glory of the lot.

The flagship stadium that will play host to the 2022 World Cup final, and we can't wait to take to the virtual pitch with our national side.

Generic Stadiums

You might be scratching your head, asking yourself where the Generic Stadium is located, but we're not talking about a real-life structure, we're talking about those stadiums that are offered to clubs without a licensed home.

Ivy Lane, Molton Road and Forest Park may be cult classics, but you can't help but feel that it's getting a little boring being offered the same options each year.

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THE CLASSIC - We need new stadium options in FIFA 23

Instead, we'd like to see some new variations added, or maybe offer fans the opportunity to customise these structures beyond their present limitations.

Adding extra tiers to stands, splashing logos on the dugout and being able to customise the exterior would truly help somewhere feel like home.

Either way, we're hoping for more options when it comes to generic stadia in FIFA 23.

The Maracana

All this talk of World Cup fever has us remembering one of the greatest stadiums in FIFA history.

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A CLASSIC - The Maracana would receive a welcome return from fans

Appearing in the FIFA 2014 World Cup DLC, Brazil's Maracana stadium is one that is desperately missing from FIFA.

With the Brazil national side still unlicensed by EA, we're hoping things can change and we can all start playing inside this virtual cauldron of atmosphere sooner rather than later.

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