FIFA 23 - When is the Black Friday promo in Ultimate Team?

The Qatar World Cup has taken FIFA 23 by storm with plenty of nation-themed content running daily in Ultimate Team.

Alongside the World Cup promo, EA will begin the Black Friday festivities very soon in FUT 23!

Find out when Black Friday will kick off in Ultimate Team and what you can expect from the hotly anticipated event below.

Latest - Best of TOTW CONFIRMED

As part of the Black Friday promotional event in Ultimate Team, EA will be bringing back the 'Best of Team of the Week' (TOTW) squad.

The Best of TOTW squad will consist of a list of player items from every single past FUT 23 TOTW reveals over the last nine weeks.

Only the best of the best player items will be selected by EA to be a part of the Best of the TOTW promo squad.

Key Dates

Black Friday will begin on Friday, 25 November.

Usually, a new promotional event in FUT 23 will start at 1pm ET / 6pm GMT, however, this is not the case with Black Friday.

You can expect EA to drop content throughout the day and over the course of the weekend at ANY time.

What to Expect

Black Friday is one of the most exciting campaigns in Ultimate Team with non-stop content released over one weekend.

EA will release time-limited content including Squad Building Challenges, Objectives, and plenty more.

Flash Squad Building Challenges will be going live throughout Black Friday, with a variety of rewards available to unlock.

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NUMBER ONE - Can you finally pack the best card in the game during Black Friday?

Flash SBCs present an opportunity for you to collect huge packs and also make a profit with this simple trading technique.

Last year, Signature Signings items were made available in packs, however, we expect a more World Cup-themed set of cards to be introduced this time.

The 'Best of Team of the Week' will also make a return, with the very best items from the first nine TOTW squads made available in packs once again.

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