What are World Cup Stories & how do they work in FIFA 23?

FIFA 23 has been taken over by the 2022 World Cup and EA is blessing us with loads of notion-themed Ultimate Team content.

It looks like a new World Cup card type is on its way into FUT 23 very soon, with the 'Stories' items set to hit packs.

So, find out everything you need to know about the World Cup Stories cards below.

World Cup Stories explained

With little to no official information having been revealed on the World Cup Stories items, we can only speculate on how they will work.

We expect World Cup Stories items to be similar to that of the Icon Moments cards we saw replaced by World Cup Icon cards this year.

This would essentially involve EA selecting players who are remembered for a particular World Cup story or iconic moment and giving them significant one-time boosts in memory of their special contribution.

The World Cup Stories card design has already been designed, with a snazzy yellow item having been revealed via the EA Sports FUT 23 website.


There have been countless incredible World Cup moments since the competition's birth in 1930, but a select few stand out above the rest.

One moment that sticks in the memory of many is Andres Iniesta's 116th-minute winner in the 2010 final for Spain.

The central midfielder's sweetly struck shot was low, hard and past Maarten Stekelenburg before the Netherlands keeper had a chance to throw out a hand, effectively determining the destination of football’s most coveted prize.

Mario Gotze's World Cup final-winning goal is another truly iconic moment.

The German youngster, who came on as a substitute, brilliantly controlled an Andre Schurrle cross with his chest and clinically finished past Sergio Romero.

It was the second-latest goal in a World Cup final, after Andres Iniesta's winner back in 2010 in South Africa.

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