FIFA 23 - What are World Cup Phenoms?

There's plenty of content to keep us busy within FIFA 23 at the moment, with EA dropping daily 2022 Qatar World Cup SBCs in Ultimate Team.

We've already seen a whole host of different World Cup promo items released into FUT and a brand new card type has just landed - Phenoms!

So, find out exactly what World Cup Phenoms are all about below.

What are World Cup Phenoms?

EA issued the following statement on the World Cup Phenom items:

Once the quarter finals arrive, FIFA fans will be greeted by a new class of World Cup FUT Phenoms, uplifting the performances of some of football’s brightest stars.

EA has selected players who are aged under 24 years old for the World Cup Phenoms promo.

The top performing under-24-year-olds from the Qatar World Cup so far have been picked for the World Cup Phenoms promotional event, including England's Jude Bellingham and Bukayo Saka.

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HEY JUDE - This Bellingham card is absolutely incredible

However, EA has slipped up by including a 25-year-old in the squad!

Whether there will be a crossover of selected players between the World Cup Phenoms squad and the World Cup Team of the Tournament squad remains to be seen.

World Cup Phenom players

As mentioned previously, England and Borussia Dortmund star Jude Bellingham makes the cut and is no doubt one of the best cards on the roster.

AC Milan and Portugal's exciting winger Rafael Leao has also been given a Phenoms card that boasts a frightening 96 pace.

Real Madrid and France international Eduardo Camavinga is also included in the squad alongside fellow La Liga stars Pedri and Joules Kounde.

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