What are FGS Swaps & how do they work in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?

There's nothing that FUT fanatics love more than free packs.

Well, you'll be glad to learn that EA has brought back an avenue for unlocking free pack rewards in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

FGS Swaps is just one of many methods for claiming rewards in FUT 23 without spending any coins or FIFA Points in-game.

So, find out what FGS Swaps actually are and how they work in FUT below.

How do FGS Swaps work?

FGS Swap Tokens work in a similar way to Icon Swaps, in that you collect tokens and exchange them for pack rewards in Ultimate Team.

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The pack rewards are made available as Squad Building Challenges in the SBC section and you can only use FGS Swaps Tokens to complete them.

You can accumulate FGS Swaps Tokens by completing tasks that take place outside of playing the game.

Find out exactly how to get FGS Swaps Tokens here.

FUT 23 FGS Swaps SBCs

As mentioned previously these SBCs can only be completed by using FGS Swaps player Tokens.

The SBCs and rewards are as follows:

  • Redeem 1 FGS Swaps Token - Reward of 1 x Premium Gold Pack
  • Redeem 2 FGS Swaps Token - Reward of 1 x Premium Gold Players Pack
  • Redeem 3 FGS Swaps Token - Reward of 1 x Prime Gold Players Pack
  • Redeem 4 FGS Swaps Token - Reward of 1 x Jumbo Rare Players Pack

Expiry date: Friday, 29 September 2023

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