FIFA 23 Web App: More players UNABLE to log in

The launch of the FIFA 23 Web App has not gone smoothly, with issues on the initial launch, problems completing SBCs, and now more log in difficulties.

The FIFA Direct Communication Twitter account has put out a statement revealing it is investigating the problem.

If you are unable to log in to the Web App the situation is being looked into and a solution should be found shortly.

The Companion App is now live on iOS and Android, so access to Ultimate Team can be found on your mobile device.

Two in Two

The Web App has been live for two days, and this is the second time users have been unable to access it.

At 5am ET / 10am BST, a similar message came from the account regarding the same issue that some were unable to log in.

It took around two and a half hours for the issue to be resolved.

SBC Hell

Not only have there been issues with actually accessing the game, but there have been problems with the content as well.

Some of the SBCs are actually impossible to resolve due to incorrect requirements.

Users have also reported that they have been unable to submit some completed SBCs to claim rewards.

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