FIFA 23 Ultimate Team - Lower League promo would bring the FUN back to FUT

FIFA 23 Football League

FIFA 23 Football League

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is back up and running and once again rattling through the cycle of weekly promos, TOTW drops and SBCs.

Whilst this formula is exciting for some, it's clear that for many the repetitive nature of this mode is becoming tiresome, with EA surely looking at how this mode can be revived.

With the FUT market once again rinsed of any value, we think it's time EA turned their attention to introducing new players into the game, and a fan-theorised lower league promo could be the best way to do this.

FIFA 23 New Promo

Popular FIFA content creator FG has taken to Twitter to ask EA Sports to release a promo based purely on the lower leagues and we are certainly here for it.

In recent times, the same players have been receiving boosts and we're bored of seeing the same names in everyone's club.

Instead, we want to see a brand new and exciting promo that won't only adhere to the millions of fans that watch lower league football but will also introduce some unknown names to the broader football fandom.

Lower League Promo

There are a number of excellent stars plying their trade in the lower reaches of English football, and just some of the theorised cards we've put in this article would make for huge excitement in the community.

The introduction of these cards, whilst uninspiring at first, could harken back to the days of overpowered silver stars in FIFA 12, once again bringing variety to Ultimate Team.

One major complaint last year was that we saw a number of cards for the same kind of player, whether it be another boost for Nkunku or Ben Yedder, or simply another French defender given 90+ pace.

FIFA 23 can set itself aside and bring a new lease of life to Ultimate Team by giving boosts to players that some fans will never have heard of before.

We all have our FIFA legends that no one else knows, from the likes of Sidney Sam to Becker this year, one of the best parts of any Ultimate Team cycle is finding that underrated star who works for you.

A lower league promo would go a long way to making FUT great again, bringing the variety and excitement that has been sorely lacking in recent years.

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