FIFA 23 Trailer: FIVE things we want to see in the new game showcase

FIFA 23 is almost here, with a host of brand-new information being revealed over the next few weeks.

With the cover stars now revealed and the trailer landing soon, we've taken a look at five things we want to see in the FIFA 23 trailer.

FIFA 23 Trailer

The FIFA 23 trailer always brings a degree of hype and this year is no different.

With a number of new features set to be revealed and teased, here are five things we're hoping to see in the brand new trailer.

Transferred Stars

There have been some major transfers already completed this summer, none more so than Norwegian powerhouse Erling Haaland.

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MAJOR MOVE - Haaland in Man City's new number 9

We're hoping to see some of these signed stars donning their new threads in the FIFA 23 trailer, providing major hype ahead of the brand new game.

Next-Gen Hype

Next-generation tech is set to take FIFA 23 by storm, and we're hoping to see the power of the PS5 and Xbox Series X on full display in the trailer.

From beads of sweat dripping down players' faces, to the sights and sounds of stadia, we're hoping that EA don't shy away from showcasing the power of next-generation FIFA.

New Player Animations

Alongside new cinematics, we should be shown some brand new player animations.

New skills, different shot types and a range of new animations should be on display, with EA ready to showcase the power of their HyperMotion tech.

Skill moves are always a big one as well, and you can almost be certain that we will see Mbappe cutting inside before firing a rocket strike into the top corner.

Women's Football

Sam Kerr has already made history in FIFA 23, becoming the first female athlete to star on the cover of a FIFA game.

That's got us wondering about the state of the women's game in FIFA 23, with a potential expansion on the cards.

We'd like to see some indication of women's football being expanded upon in FIFA 23, and there's no better place to do that than in the trailer.


Just imagine it.

The lights dim down and it all goes quiet, before Paul Pogba steps out of the Allianz tunnel and drop-kicks a football that says 'Piemonte Calcio'... is there a better way to announce Juventus' return?

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THE COMEBACK - Juventus are set to return in FIFA 23

We know the Italian powerhouses are very likely to be back in their licensed form in FIFA 23 and we hope EA are self-aware enough to mock their unlicensed counterpart.

Juventus returning is a big deal for FIFA 23, and we're hoping that Italy's Old Lady are showcased to their fullest in the FIFA 23 trailer.

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