FIFA 23: Roberto Carlos Cover Star Icon SBC Cheapest Solutions

The speculation around Cover Star Icons has now been confirmed to be true! With our very first Cover Star Icon being released, this marks the end of what has been an amazing history of the FIFA title.

We look forward to EA FC 24 through deep dives and pitch notes, EA are releasing more and more information to get us excited about the new title.

For now, we have an amazing Cover Star Icon Roberto Carlos Squad Building Challenge and we will tell you how to do this the quickest and cheapest way possible!

Roberto Carlos Cover Star (97 OVR)

Roberto Carlos has been announced as the very first Cover Star Icon to mark the end of the FIFA title. The classic white icon card marked with purple is a unique design to mark cover stars from the rest.

At 97 rated, Roberto Carlos has one of the best cards in the game, with of course 90's across his base stats and you guessed it... 99 free-kicks.

Carlos is a Cover Star Icon!
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Carlos is a Cover Star Icon!

Roberto Carlos is one of many Cover Star Icons to be released at the end game of FIFA 23. A lot of speculation on who will be next has been on social media, find all of our predictions here.

How much does Roberto Carlos Cover Star cost?

Squad Building Challenge (SBC) Roberto Carlos Cover Star currently costs 729k coins. A very reasonable price for a card of this caliber.

Roberto Carlos Cover Star Icon was released on 28, July 2023 at 6:00 pm BST. and will expire on 18, September 2023.

Meaning FIFA fans will have up until the week before EA FC 24 is released to complete this card.

Roberto Carlos Cover Star SBC solutions

To complete this SBC the easiest and cheapest way possible, complete the following squads. Brought to you by

Born Legend

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Rising Star

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On a Loan

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El Hombre Bala

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League Legend

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89-Rated Squad

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90-Rated Squad

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