How to abuse FIFA 23's most OVERPOWERED mechanic

FIFA 23 is here and players are now fiercely competing in Ultimate Team modes as well as getting stuck into their Career Mode saves.

FIFA Pros across the globe are taking advantage of one particular in-game mechanic that is proving to be the most overpowered technique in the game.

Find out what you're missing out on and how to perform the meta technique in FIFA 23 below.

Meta to the Max

New to FIFA 23, the outside-the-foot shot technique is possibly the most overpowered mechanic in the game at this current time.

The outside-the-foot shot is an effective method to finish in 1 vs 1 scenarios but can also be used for long shots outside the box.

From great distances, goalkeepers seem to get nowhere near the looping effort, especially when combined with a green-timed finish.

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GUARANTEED GOALS - The trivela technique is incredible in FIFA 23

The best way to create space for the outside-the-foot shot technique is by allowing your winger or wing-bak to overlap, drawing the fullback away from the man in possession.

This should open up the space for the player on the ball to angle himself towards the goal and unleash a trivela shot aimed at the far post.

How to do the outside the foot shot

The best thing about the outside-the-foot shot technique is that it couldn't be simpler to perform.

Here's how it's done:

  • Move the player towards the net.
  • Angle the player's body with his strong foot on the opposite side of the goal to the far post by using the left analogue stick.
  • Hold L2/LT and press the B/Circle button together.
  • This will trigger the outside-the-foot shot animation.

Transferable Skill

It doesn't just stop at shooting, though, as this technique can be transferred to chance creation as well as the final action of scoring.

The outside-the-foot technique is can be used for pretty much any pass but is particularly effective when paired with a cross-field pass or a cross.

When running down the flank with an inverted winger, you may think you need to cut in onto the player's strongest foot in order to put a cross into the box, but no.

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CONSISTENCY IS KEY - Find your target man every time with the outside the foot cross

All you need to do is find a yard of space on the outside, aim for your target man in the middle and perform the outside-the-foot cross.

The outside-the-foot cross tends to bend around the opposing defender, allowing your striker to have a clear sight of the goal.

All you need to do to perform the outside-the-foot cross is Hold L2/LT and press the X/Square button together.

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