FIFA 23 Newcomer's Challenge 5 SBC Solution

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Another Squad Building Challenge has been released in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team giving you the chance to earn a Two Rare Gold Players Pack.

Find out the cheapest solution to complete the Newcomer's Challenge 5 SBC in FUT 23 right here.


Newcomer's Challenge 5 SBC

You have a week to complete the Newcomer's Challenge SBC, so catch it while you can!

Start Date: Friday, 28 October

Expiry Date: Friday, 4 November


How to Complete

To earn a Two Rare Gold Players Pack, you will need to complete just one challenge.

Newcomer's Challenge

  • Minimum 2 Leagues
  • Maximum 6 players from the same Nation
  • Maximum 3 players from the same Club
  • Minimum Silver players
  • Minimum 20 Total Squad Chemistry Points

1 x Two Rare Gold Players Pack

Estimated Cost - 3,550 coins


You can use the following players to complete the Newcomer's Challenge 5 SBC:


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