FIFA 23 Kyereh Out of Position SBC Cheapest Solutions

kyereh out of position sbc fifa 23

kyereh out of position sbc fifa 23

We don't know when they will drop, but Out of Position cards are still coming in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team!

Another Out of Position card has come via SBC, this time for Freiburg CAM Daniel-Kofi Kyereh.

Check out his card and find out the cheapest solutions to add him to your FIFA 23 Ultimate Team club below.

Daniel-Kofi Kyereh (OVR 87)

kyereh out of position fifa 23
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Start Date: Monday, 6 March

Expiry Date: Monday, 20 March

SBC Requirements

You will need to submit two squads to unlock the 87-rated card, with the requirements as follows:


  • Minimum one Bundesliga player
  • Minimum 82 Squad Rating

Reward - 1 x Gold Pack

85-Rated Squad

  • Minimum 85 Squad Rating

Reward - 1 x Prime Mixed Players Pack

Estimated Cost: 104,950 coins


You can use the following players to complete the Out of Position Daniel-Kofi Kyereh SBCs:

Information to follow

This is just one of many solutions that can be found by using the easySBC AI. To get your own solution, go try it out at

Worth it?

Simply put, this SBC is not worth it!

We still like the concept that cards from a previous promo will drop throughout the campaign, but the random picks that EA is going for don't seem to be helping.

Daniel-Kofi Kyereh's Out of Position card could be dun to use, but it won't be massively competitive and the requirement of an 85-rated squad is just too much for a card of this quality.

Adding a Marksman chemistry style to him is probably the best thing to do, which will give him 91 SHO and 97 DRI to go with his 93 PAC, meaning you will have a very nippy and agile forward.

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