FIFA 23 - How to request a transfer Career Mode

It's getting to that point in the FIFA 23 game cycle where players have become a little tired of repetitive promotional content in Ultimate Team.

So, what better way to enjoy the game than to jump into some Career Mode and start a Player Career?!

If you are deep into your Career you may seek a new challenge and you'll need to know how to request a transfer in order to do this.

How to request a transfer

In order to request a transfer in FIFA 23 Career Mode you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Launch FIFA 23 and head to Player Career Mode.
  • Go to the "My Pro" tab on the main menu of the Player Career mode.
  • Select the "My Actions" tab underneath "My Pro".
  • Several options should appear alongside the desired choice.
  • Here, you can choose to request to transfer.

You can also choose to retire or request a loan spell from this same tab.

You can use these other features should their current contract not allow a transfer request at that time.

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