FIFA 23: How to perform Cristiano Ronaldo's new celebration

Ronaldo celebration FIFA 23

Ronaldo celebration FIFA 23

A brand new title update has arrived in FIFA 23, bringing a host of changes to the game.

The NWSL - National Women's Soccer League - has been added, with some of the world's top female soccer stars now presented in their fully authenticated glory.

As was expected, it's not only the women's game that has seen some TLC in the new update, with one of the season's most iconic celebrations finally added.

It may not have been a stellar season for CR7, but his brand-new celebration is now in the game and we've got you covered as to how you can pull it off.

How to Perform CR7's New Celebration

The Siu celebration took the world by storm and now the more laid-back finesse from CR7 has hooked the footballing community.

Debuting in a Champions League match, this new celebration has finally been added to FIFA 23, and you can perform it yourself!

Unlike the iconic Siu celebration, this new addition can only be performed by CR7 himself. It can, however, be performed across all modes in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 Cristiano Ronaldo Celebration
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TAKE IT EASY - Some players are calling this celebration 'The Nap'

Designated as a signature celebration, all you need to do to perform this celebration is hold X on PS4 and PS5, or hold down A on Xbox One and Xbox Series X |S after you score.

Given it's a signature celebration, it does mean that Ronaldo can perform one of two - the Siu, or this new relaxed option.

The arrival of this new celebration has delighted the FUT Community, with more options now available to bring your favourite stars of the football world to life.

Title Update 9 Patch Notes

Title Update #9 brings plenty of gameplay changes with it.

Most notably, the Explosive AcceleRATE archetype has been buffed, which could see a shift to more Explosive players in Ultimate Team.

We'll likely be seeing more crazy goals fly in as EA has increased the chances of knuckleball shots when choosing to use a power shot.

The accuracy of driven ground passes has also been improved, allowing players to zip the ball around the field with more confidence.

fifa 23 neymar
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SET PIECE SPECIALIST - Mastering set pieces will level up your gameplay

The following gameplay changes have been made:

  • Players with the Explosive AcceleRATE archetype now accelerate slightly faster during the early stages of a requested sprint.
  • When intercepting the ball while jockeying, the player is now better able to take control of the ball instead of it bouncing away from the player.
  • Increased accuracy of Driven Ground Passes made to teammates ahead of the ball carrier, in situations where the passer is under no pressure from defenders.
  • Improved contextual logic when determining if a Standing Tackle request should lead to a defending player performing a Standing Tackle or a Push/Pull.
    • This change will result in more Standing Tackles being performed than Pushes or Pulls, in some situations.
  • Slightly increased the likelihood of a knuckleball shot occurring when requesting a Power Shot.
  • Decreased the speed that the ball can travel at from a free kick taken with the outside of the foot.
  • Slightly decreased the range required for a defender to attempt a tackle without being requested to do so.
  • Increased consistency of flicking the ball if the ball was in the air.

Click here to read the full patch notes for title update #9.

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