How to get Moments Stars in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

If you head to the Play tab in the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team menus, you will spot a new tab named 'Moments'.

Here, you will be able to unlock Moments Stars in return for some big rewards.

So, what are Moments Stars and how can you actually get them? Find out below.

What are Moments Stars?

Moments Stars in FIFA 23 are essentially tokens that you can trade in for rewards.

The Star Gallery is the left-most tile inside the Moments menu.

The Star Gallery shows you which rewards are on offer.

A Gold Pack and a Premium Gold Pack will be on offer at all times in the 'Browse' tab, whilst the 'Seasonal' rewards change at the start of every new season in FUT.

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MAGICAL MOMENTS - Moments allows you to access top rewards for free

The 'Seasonal' tab is where you will find the more premium rewards.

You will have the chance to spend your Moment Stars on any rewards you so please, including packs and sometimes Swaps Tokens.

In addition to Moments, there are also the traditional Objectives in Ultimate Team that will add up to your XP points and FIFA Coins.

How to get Moments Stars

Getting Moments Stars in Ultimate Team is pretty straightforward.

All you need to do is head to the Moments tab and click through until you see the tasks on your screen.

Then, you'll need to complete the mini-game tasks in order to unlock the specified number of Moments Stars.

Each campaign includes multiple tasks and finishing each task rewards you with one or two Moment Stars.

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