FIFA 23 - How long are TOTY cards in packs?

The entire Team of the Year (TOTY) XI is in packs now and Ultimate Team players across the globe are praying they see a blue animation pop up on their screens.

A mix-up with the FUT loading screen has caused a lot of confusion among FIFA 23 users as to how long TOTY items will be in packs.

Well, we're here to clear things up. Find out how long the TOTY cards will actually be in packs below.

How long are TOTY cards in packs?

The FUT loading screen originally showed that the Team of the Year items would be in packs for 24 hours only, starting from Thursday, 26 January.

However, EA has since updated the Team of the Year loading screen which now states that the TOTY cards won't be removed from packs for eight days.

This means they will be available in packs until Friday, 3 February.

What are the chances of packing a TOTY?

The odds of packing a Team of the Year card are the lowest of pretty much any items released during the Ultimate Team calendar.

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PLEASE EA - Every FUT player is begging EA for a TOTY

Every single pack that can be bought via the Store, including Ultimate Packs (which cost around £17 / €21 per pack) are listed with less than a 1% chance of holding a TOTY item.

There are packs with a greater probability of including a Team of the Year card, however, these cannot be purchased in the FUT Store.

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