FIFA 23 Gundogan Objectives - How to unlock the City star's TOTY Moments item for FREE

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The Team of the Year (TOTY) campaign has officially landed in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, taking over from the FUT Centurions campaign.

EA is already rolling out the TOTY cards in packs, and, as expected, we have SBC and Objective cards to get hold of too!


Manchester City's Ilkay Gundogan has been handed a TOTY Moments card via Objectives, recognizing his game-winning goal to crown Manchester City the PL champions in the 2021/22 season.

So, check out Ilkay Gundogan's TOTY Moments card below and find out how you can unlock it for your FUT 23 club.

Ilkay Gundogan (OVR 88)

GULLIT 2.0 - Gundogan has brilliant stats across the board

Start Date: Friday, 20 January

Expiry Date: Friday, 27 January

Objective Requirements

You will need to complete four separate tasks in order to unlock the 88-rated TOTY Moments Gundogan card for your Ultimate Team squad.


These tasks will all need to be completed within Squad Battles on min. Semi-Pro difficulty (or Rivals).

The requirements are as follows:

Precise Passing

  • Assist 4 goals using Through Balls in Squad Battles on min. Semi-Pro difficulty (or Rivals).

Pack Reward: 75+ Rated Rare Player (Untradeable) + 300 XP

Midfield Takeover

  • Score 5 goals using Premier League Midfielders in Squad Battles on min. Semi-Pro difficulty (or Rivals).
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Pack Reward: Premium Gold Pack (Untradeable) + 300 XP


Full Package

  • Score and Assist using German players in 3 separate matches in Squad Battles on min. Semi-Pro difficulty (or Rivals).

Pack Reward: Two Rare Gold Players Pack (Untradeable) + 300 XP

Premier Start

  • Win 6 matches while having at least 4 Premier League players in your starting squad in Squad Battles on min. Semi-Pro difficulty (or Rivals).

Pack Reward: Small Electrum Players Pack (Untradeable) + 300 XP

Gifted Gundogan

Gundogan's TOTY Moments item celebrates his brace against Aston Villa in the last game of the 2021/22 Premier League season.


Coming on as a sub in the 68th minute with City 2-0 down, the midfielder grabbed the first goal of the City comeback before netting the winner in the 81st minute.

The German's goals ultimately secured the title for the Champions.