FIFA 23: Glitches set to bring FREE meals through Just Eat

FIFA 23 Just Eat Free meals

FIFA 23 is finally here and the team at Just Eat have teamed up to ensure that those who suffer from glitchy gameplay are compensated.

Glitches always occur at the start of any FIFA game, but there could be a silver lining to that grey cloud.

Just Eat has teamed up with ex-Premier Leauge referee Mark Clattenburg as well as influencers Chunkz and Darkest Man to bring free meals to those who suffer from FIFA 23 glitches.

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FIFA 23 Glitches = FREE Meals

Clearly, there's never a good time for a FIFA player to experience an in-game glitch, but Just Eat is here to make sure you at least get some joy from it.

Just Eat has launched a new Deli-VAR-y panel which will review video clips of glitchy gameplay sent in by gamers and compensate victims with a free meal.

FIFA 23 Son
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LAUNCH TIME - FIFA 23 is finally here

The panel at Just Eat will review all glitchy gameplay footage sent in by players and compensate unlucky gamers with a Just Eat voucher worth £25 to help ease the pain.

Top-level referee Clattenburg has joined the party, with the former Premier League official not wanting to miss out on the VAR hype.

The former official said:

I’m really looking forward to being back in the VAR hot seat and analysing the gaming clips as part of Just Eat's new panel. Football and gaming can both be very tense affairs, and losing because of a glitch just isn’t fair game. I’ll bring all my refereeing experience to the table, and hopefully getting some free food on Just Eat will take the sting out of it!”

Shocking Statistics

Just Eat isn't just handing out meals willy-nilly, they've done some top-level digging in order to discover some shocking stats that gamers face.

Through Just Eat's independent research, they found:

  • The most frustrating glitches are gameplay freezing (47 per cent), players getting stuck in something like the goal net (33 per cent) and players suddenly being unable to jump, run or shoot (27 per cent).
  • 90% have 'rage quit' a game after experiencing a glitch, with a fifth jumping straight back onto the game only 10 minutes after 'rage quitting'
  • 43% said losing a football video game is as bad as watching their favourite football team lose in real life
  • 76% said they would use VAR (Virtual Assisted Referee) if it was available on a football game to review their glitches

We've all experienced the pain of loss due to a glitch or bug, but that anguish will be soothed by the loving and generous nature of the Just Eat VAR panel.

Just Eat is kicking off the new VAR Panel on 28th September for ten days only. If you feel like you’ve been nutmegged by your favourite football game, or fleeced by a flukey friend, send your gameplay clips to and if the VAR Panel agrees, you will be compensated with free food on Just Eat.

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