FIFA 23 FUT Champs TOTS: Updated Start Time & Finish, New Rewards, Schedule & more

fifa 23 fut champs tots update red item design

fifa 23 fut champs tots update red item design

Team of the Season has taken over FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, with major changes coming to FUT Champions, including the rewards and also the start and end times.

Division Rivals and Squad Battles have also had a slight overhaul, with all the updates brought in to give players the best opportunity to gain Team of the Season items.

Check out the latest updates to FUT Champs in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team below so you don't miss out on any of the new rewards!


A brand-new TOTS FUT Champions Red Items design has been introduced in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, making the rewards just that little bit more special.

TOTS players have been a part of Weekend League rewards for a while now, but this is the first time that they have gained a unique card.

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Throughout the campaign, all Team of the Season and TOTS Moments that are available in packs will be up for grabs as TOTS FUT Champions Red Items, giving you the opportunity to bring some top cards into your club.

The rewards from FUT Champs are an easy way to guarantee yourself some of the best cards in the game, so try to play every weekend if you want your team to conquer all comers.

FUT Champions Extended Schedule

Perhaps the biggest update happening in FUT Champions is the change to start and end times through the extended schedule.

FUT Champs will now start on Fridays at 3pm ET / 8pm BST and end on Wednesdays at 3am ET / 8am BST.

This is because the latest TOTS squads will be released on Fridays at the usual time of 1pm ET / 6pm BST, so the delay to Weekend League will allow you to gain rewards from the most recently released side.

The extension of 48 hours to the end time will make it easier to finish all the allocated matches, as well as staying on top of all the other TOTS content swamping FIFA 23 Ultimate Team!

TOTS FUT Champs Rewards

EA announced on their official website the FUT Champs rewards schedule for the whole TOTS campaign, which not only lets us know what we're playing for but also reveals the release plan for the TOTS squads.

The full TOTS FUT Champions Finals rewards schedule is as follows:

Major TOTS League
Minor TOTS League
Champs Start Date
Champs End Date
Community TOTS
Eredivisie TOTS
Premier League TOTS
Eredivisie TOTS
Bundesliga TOTS
EFL Combined TOTS
La Liga TOTS
ROSHN Saudi League TOTS
Ligue 1 TOTS
Serie A TOTS
Super Lig TOTS
Ultimate TOTS
Liga Portugal TOTS

All FUT Champions rewards can be claimed on the same day FUT Champions Finals begin, so if you manage to play through all your matches on Fridays, a TOTS item could be yours straight away!

As usual, the more points you gain, the better the rewards, with various TOTS Player Picks and Packs on offer.

At lower ranks, you may be limited to Player Picks from the Minor TOTS League, or by a maximum card rating, or a mix of both.

How Many Wins Needed for Each Rank

Nothing has changed in FUT Champions in regards to how many points you gain for a win or a loss, or how many points are needed to hit the different ranks.

A win will get you four points, a loss one, so it is important to know how well you need to do to gain the rank you want, and therefore get the rewards you are after!

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PRAY FOR AN EASY RUN - Now is the time to score big in FUT Champs

The following shows the minimum number of wins needed for each rank in FUT Champions Finals if you play the full 20 matches:

  • Rank 1: 19 Wins (76-80 points)
  • Rank 2: 18 Wins (72-75 points)
  • Rank 3: 16 Wins (67-71 points)
  • Rank 4: 14 Wins (60-66 points)
  • Rank 5: 11 Wins (51-59 points)
  • Rank 6: 9 Wins (45-50 points)
  • Rank 7: 6 Wins (36-44 points)
  • Rank 8: 2 Wins (24-35 points)
  • Rank 9: 0 Wins (12-23 points)
  • Rank 10: 0 Wins (4-11 points)
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