FIFA 23 - Ultimate Team players OUTRAGED by new FUT Champs rewards

The 2022 Qatar World Cup has officially taken over FIFA 23 with daily content dropping in Ultimate Team.

With domestic football on pause whilst the Winter competition is ongoing, EA has put a stop to the regular Team of the Week (TOTW) promo in FUT.

As a result, EA has been forced to alter the FUT Champions rewards and specifically the sought-after red in-form player picks as there is no TOTW to pick from at the moment.

However, what they have done to FUT Champs rewards has left the community extremely unhappy...

FUT Champs rewards updated

Due to the Team of the Week campaign not currently running in Ultimate Team, EA has replaced FUT Champs red in-form player picks with 84+ Rare Gold Player Picks.

Yes, you heard that correctly - after spending your weekend grinding through 20 hard-fought Weekend League matches you will now be rewarded with standard 84+ player picks.

EA could have at least increased the number of 84+ player picks that a user receives for achieving a certain rank compared to the red player picks, in order to balance the scales a little.

However, it seems very little careful thought has been put into making these FUT Champs changes and the community is beginning to wonder whether it's worth the 20-game weekend slog anymore.

Community outraged

The FUT community is NOT happy with the latest changes and rightly so.

The overriding reason for discontent amongst FUT players is that the 84+ player picks are not an adequate replacement for the rare red-inform picks.

With the removal of red player picks and no real substitute, there is little to no motivation for playing the most fiercely competitive mode in FUT anymore.

Players are able to spend their time more wisely, completing World Cup Swaps Objectives and competing in Division Rivals and Squad Battles.

These competitions currently offer better rewards for the time that you put into the gameplay than FUT Champs.

What we want to see

The re-introduction of Monthly Rewards would bring the motivation back to play in the FUT Champs Weekend League for many users.

This is because the player base will not want to miss a single Weekend League as they aim to claim the very best rewards, meaning overall FUT engagement will increase.

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PLEASE EA - These changes would make FUT 23 a much happier place

Monthly Rewards would see players earn more Red Player Picks too, which could be selected from the Best of Team of the Week for an even greater incentive.

More Red Player Picks on offer gives you a higher chance at unlocking a top-tier in-form card and makes submitting FUT Champs Premium Upgrade SBCs a quicker process.

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