FIFA 23 - FREE 30% Adidas discount code on offer for ALL

fifa 23 mbappe

fifa 23 mbappe

EA Sports has teamed up with Adidas for a third year running in order to hand out unique one-time-only FIFA 23 Adidas discount codes.

The FIFA 23 x Adidas discount codes on offer will grant you a huge 30% off your purchase from the Adidas store and is available to all gamers.

This couldn't come at a much better time with the summer holidays approaching fast and fans getting stuck into all the Ultimate Team promo content.

So, take a look below at how you can claim your FIFA 23 Adidas discount code and how it will actually work.

How to claim your discount code

Neither EA nor Adidas has made how you can claim one of these unique discount codes clear, nor have they stated how many they will be giving out.

There seems to be only one way to find out whether you have been selected for a special 30% discount code - log into FIFA 23 and check.

If you have been selected, then claiming your 30% Adidas discount code is very simple.

fifa 23 joao felix
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CELEBRATION TIME - This is cause for celebration

All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Launch FIFA 23.
  • You will be prompted with the message as seen in the image above.
  • Click Triangle/Y in order to reveal your discount code.

Once you have claimed your discount code it will not expire and will be viewable from your EA account.

Adidas on offer

We saw EA and Adidas team up for the first time two years ago to bring FIFA 21 players this exact same promotion and then ran it again for FIFA 22.

If you have been selected for a promo code, you will be prompted with an on-screen message when you log into FIFA 23, much like the one that you can see in the image below.

fifa 23 adidas discout
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TAKE ADVANTAGE - This is a one-time only offer

Last year, players could use the Adidas x EA discount codes on anything they wished within the Adidas online store and we expect the same this time around.

So, head into FIFA 23 and you may just have a one-time-only Adidas discount code waiting to be claimed.

FIFA 23 x Adidas

We have seen EA Sports collaborate with Adidas on a number of occasions.

Most notably, EA introduced the Adidas Numbers Up campaign in Ultimate Team in FIFA 22.

Selected Adidas athletes were given cool orange special items that were eligible for crazy stat boosts based on the model of boot they wore in real-life football.

fifa 22 adidas numbers up upgrades
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99 CLUB - When will the following upgrades land

Numbers Up players reached 99 in the specific attribute to which their boot corresponded, with Dribbling/Handling, Passing, or Pace upgrades on offer.

Players who wore these models of boot received the following in-game stat boosts:

  • Adidas Predator - Dribbling
  • Adidas Copa - Passing
  • Adidas X - Pace

Whether the Numbers Up promo returns for FUT 23 remains to be seen.

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