FIFA 23 - Game-breaking Flashback Kylian Mbappe potentially coming to FUT

There's plenty going on in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team at the moment with the ongoing 2022 World Cup campaign bringing loads of content with it.

We've seen EA release countless Squad Building Challenges since the release of the game back in September.

However, one item that was due to hit Ultimate Team before the latest edition was even released seems to have been forgotten... Flashback Kylian Mbappe!

Long overdue

Last year, various reliable Ultimate Team leakers reported that EA was set to release a Kylian Mbappe Flashback SBC card in FUT 22.

This would have been a throwback to Frenchman's Monaco or early PSG days and would be a downgrade on his Base version, just as we have seen with the recent Lionel Messi Flashback SBC.

However, despite many reports suggesting he would, Flashback Mbappe never arrived.

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FRUSTRATED FANS - Where is Flashback Kylian?!

We've already seen downgraded Flashback items handed to the Ultimate Team's most popular players over the past few editions.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr and now Lionel Messi have all been handed 87 OVR Flashback items over the course of the past three years.

So, it's about time the most overpowered player in FUT joined the party!

Generational talent

In fitting with the trend, we expect a Flashback Mbappe card to be rated as an 87 OVR in Ultimate Team.

The now 23-year-old has always had electrifying speed, so his pace would no doubt remain high, but his other stats could be downgraded significantly.

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RAW PACE - Mbappe has always been absolutely rapid

The Paris Saint-Germain striker's dribbling and shooting stats would surely be slashed, however, this can be counteracted by applying a Marksman Chemistry Style.

There's a chance EA could downgrade the forward's skill moves to four-star instead of his current five, given he did not always have the silky feet he does today, which would be a great shame.

Deep pockets

One thing that's for certain is if and when the Kylian Mbappe Flashback SBC arrives, it won't come cheap...

The former Monaco man's Base version is the most expensive Gold Card on the market, currently priced at roughly 980,000 coins on PlayStation and Xbox.

This is a whopping 790,000 coins more expensive than the next Rare Gold on the market which shows you just how OP the France international really is.

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DRY YOUR EYES - You'll be in tears when you see how expensive Mbappe is

The recent Lionel Messi Flashback SBC was priced at 450,000 coins.

So, with that in mind, we can expect a Flashback Mbappe SBC to set you back by around 600,000 to 800,000 coins in FUT 23.

However, as you know SBCs are a lot more achievable than they may seem on the surface as they can be crafted with high-rated untradable players in your club.

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