FIFA 23 - These RANDOM players INSTANTLY sell for 10,000 coins in Ultimate Team

EA has integrated a Winter Wildcard Swaps Token into the recent Marquee Matchups SBC, creating a ripple effect in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

FUT players are so desperate to get their hands on that last Swaps Token that they will pay 10,000 coins for a single player.

Players from specific clubs are now in such high demand that they have gone extinct on the market.

Hidden treasure

Due to the release of the Marquee Matchups SBC, players from FC Twente and FC Emmen can now instantly be sold for their maximum buy-now price.

The Marquee Matchups segment in question is the 'FC Twente v FC Emmen'.

Here's what you need to do in order to complete it:

  • # of players from FC Twente + 
  • # of players from FC Emmen: Min 1 
  • Leagues: Max 5 Same Club Count: Min 3 
  • Squad Rating: Min 71 
  • Squad Total Chemistry Points: Min 14
  • # of players in the Squad: 11

Rewards: Premium Gold Pack & Hwang Jae Hwan WW Swaps Token

Any players from these two clubs will sell for 10,000 coins, but hurry, as the SBC expires on Thursday, 12 January.

So, go and search for FC Twente and FC Emmen cards in your FUT club and you might just find a gold mine!

Bronze Pack Method is BACK

As you can see from the video in the Tweet below, any card from FC Twente or FC Emmen instantly sells, whether it be Gold, Silver or Bronze.

You can go ahead and list your items for 10,000 coins, rather than slightly under the maximum buy-now price as @BPMerd has done.

So, with plenty of FC Twente and FC Emmen cards being Bronze, the Bronze Pack Method is well and truly back in FUT 23.

The Bronze Pack method will also give you a chance to submit any low-value player items into the Bronze Upgrade SBC, allowing you to accumulate vast numbers of Silver cards.

This will take you one step closer to completing the Centurions Upgrade SBC Chase Objective.

How to perform the Bronze Pack Method in FIFA 23

Performing the Bronze Pack Method in FIFA 23 is simple.

Here's how it's done:

The method is very simple, and goes like this:

  • Open a Bronze Pack from the Classic Packs section of the FUT store.
  • Check the price of every player.
    • Bronze Rares can sell for anything between 250 coins to 5,100 coins.
    • Check the price of managers, kits, and badges - many will be worth more than 200 coins.
  • List all common bronzes for 200 coins and they will sell eventually, even if you need to list them a couple of times.
  • Discard everything else that is worth less than 200 coins (contracts, stadiums, etc).
  • Repeat until you have a transfer list full of 100 players, managers, kits, etc for sale

Repeat this process over and over again and you can make a huge profit.

It can be a bit tedious, but coins are coins.

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