FIFA 23 - Fans OUTRAGED as EA downgrade new items

FUT Centurions Team 2 brought us one of the most exciting promo squads we have seen throughout the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team calendar so far.

Including the likes of Mohamed Salah, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Marco Reus and Marco Verratti, Team 2 saw several top-tier cards handed major upgrades.

However, upon logging into the game this morning, owners of these Centurion items noticed that they weren't quite up to their usual standards...

The FIFA community looked into the problem and well, it's fair to say FUT players are outraged at what they have discovered.

Latest - EA Speak Up

After some radio silence from EA regarding the changed FUT Centurions stats, we have finally heard from them via the FIFA Direct Communication Twitter account.

Not much was said, just that the issue had been addressed, which has been backed up by users in the comments section.

It looks like the attributes are now showing as they were previous to the change.

Although this appears to be fixed, it will still leave some distrust within the FUT community that players may not have in-game stats that match their card stats.

Centurions NERFED

In what is yet another first for Ultimate Team, every single FUT Centurions Team 2 item's in-game stats has been tampered with AFTER release.

Most of these in-game stat changes are downgrades, leaving players with worse cards than what they had originally paid for.

The likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Marco Verratti have been hit the hardest.

Take Ibra, for example. The following downgrades have been made to the Sweedish striker's FUT Centurions item:

  • 85 Agility -> 76 Agility
  • 82 Balance -> 58 Balance
  • 85 Stamina -> 61 Stamina
  • 95 Heading -> 89 Heading

These are not just slight adjustments, they are MAJOR changes.

FUT players FUMING

The belated downgrades are causing certain player prices to drop rapidly and the FUT 23 community has been left in outrage.

Again, let's look at Zlatan's price. Before the news broke, Ibra was priced at roughly 2.7 million coins on the PlayStation and Xbox transfer market.

Since the word of the downgrades got out, the Milan forward's price plummeted by almost 400,000 coins. This is simply UNFAIR to those who bought the item at the higher price point.

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CRAZY CRASH - This type of crash is unheard of

One FIFA player took to Twitter to give EA a piece of their mind, saying:

"That’s actually disgusting from EA. No official announcement or anything. Just changing the stats."

Another FUT user followed up with:

"They can’t do that surely? People paid 4m for him. We’ve known for a long time, they nerf cards after a while, but this is scandalous."

One FIFA fan simply wrote:

"How is that even legal?"

Compensation incoming

Another FIFA player replied to @DonkTrading's Tweet saying:

"Surely they have to compensate those who bought?!"

And we are inclined to agree. EA simply must provide some sort of compensation for those who have been affected by the changes.

We could see EA simply revert the FUT Centurion items' stats back to their original numbers, though this won't satisfy players who have lost coins in the process.

We expect the FIFA Direct Communication Twitter account to shed some light on this matter in the coming hours.

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