FIFA 23 fans fuming as TOTY pack weight is at ALL TIME LOW

The Team of the Year (TOTY) campaign is drawing to a close in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, with the Future Stars promo now taking over.

Each year, players save hundreds of packs for the TOTY promo and like in all aspects of life, some get luckier than others.

However, this year seems slightly different.

FUT players have taken to FIFA forums in their droves to complain about how the TOTY pack weight is lower than ever before...

What are the chances of packing a TOTY?

In general, the odds of packing a Team of the Year card are the lowest of pretty much any items released during the Ultimate Team calendar.

Every single pack that can be bought via the Store, including Ultimate Packs (which cost around £17 / €21 per pack) are listed with less than a 1% chance of holding a TOTY item.

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LUCK OF THE DRAW - Have you been lucky this year?

Realistically, even these have a far less than 1% chance, but EA does not disclose the precise fraction.

There are packs with a greater probability of including a Team of the Year card, however, these cannot be purchased in the FUT Store.

Pack weight at ALL TIME LOW

Despite the FIFA community's knowledge of the odds of packing a TOTY item, there's still optimism among players that they could see the blue animation pop up on their screens.

However, this year, EA seems to have lowered the pack weight significantly compared to FUT 22's TOTY promo.

Players are not only finding that they cant pack a TOTY card but also that they can't pack any decent or even high-rated items, despite opening hundreds of packs.

FUT fans across the globe are experiencing exactly what Matt has explained in the Tweet above. Hundreds of packs opened and nothing to show for it.

Another user in the comments section said: "I’ve opened 700 packs across yesterday and today… 0 TOTYs 0 Honorable Mentions."

As MattFUTTrading states above, the other issue is that there are currently no repeatable SBCs for players to put their high-rated fodder into even if they do pack some.

All in all, it's a sad story for players who spent vast amounts of time and/or money on packs during this year's TOTY campaign.

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