FIFA 23 Faivre SBC: Ligue 1 speedster receives EPIC new Rulebreakers item

The Rulebreakers campaign has begun in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team with an insane first squad now available in packs.

We've already seen plenty of Rulebreakers rumours, including an awesome Player Pick David Alaba SBC that is set to arrive in the coming days.

For now though, French winger Romain Faivre has received a Rulebreakers SBC item in FUT 23. Check out his card and how you can unlock it below.

Romain Faivre (OVR 86)

Start Date: Friday, 14 October

Expiry Date: Friday, 21 October

SBC Requirements

You will need to submit two squads to unlock Faivre's new item in FUT 23.

The requirements are as follows:

Top Form

  • Minimum one Team of the Week player
  • Minimum 83 Squad Rating

Reward - 1 x Small Gold Players Pack

Ligue 1

  • Minimum one Ligue 1 player
  • Minimum two players with minimum OVR of 85
  • Minimum 84 Squad Rating

Reward - 1 x Gold Players Pack

Estimated Cost: 46k


You can use the following players to complete the Romain Faivre Rulebreakers SBC.

Top Form

Ligue 1

This is just one of many solutions that can be found by using the easySBC AI. To get your own solution, go try it out at

Worth it?

This is a decent new item, no more, no less.

Rapid 93 Acceleration will be great for players who want to make a yard of space and deliver a cross or get a shot away.

Faivre's alternative positions are CAM and RW, so you can bring him into midfield if you so wish.

The French star is strong physically with 86 Strength, so will be more than useful in a midfield trio.

Ultimately, unless you have the fodder to complete this challenge already, we would not go out of our way to unlock Faivre's new item.

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