FIFA 23 - EA to make Pele item available for ALL FUT players in honour of legend

On the 30th of December 2022, Brazil woke up to its first day without footballing legend Pele.

The only player to win the World Cup three times, lifting the trophy in 1958, 1962 and 1970, Pele was named Fifa's Player of the Century in 2000.

In honour of arguably the greatest footballer to have ever graced the field, EA is making a Pele item available to unlock for all FIFA 23 users in Ultimate Team.

Legend of the game

Many consider Pele to be the greatest footballer of all time, here's why:

Pele is credited with scoring a world record 1,281 goals in 1,363 appearances during a 21-year career, including 77 goals in 92 matches for his country.

Pele is the youngest-ever player to win a World Cup.

Pele is the youngest-ever goalscorer in a World Cup - aged 17.

Pele is the youngest-ever scorer of a hat trick in a World Cup.

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FOOTBALLING ICON - Pele is one of the greatest we will ever see

Pele is the youngest-ever player to score in a World Cup Final, aged 17. It would take another 60 years for another teenager, Kylian Mbappe, to score in a World Cup Final since Pele, although he was nearly two years older.

Pele is the all-time top scorer of the Brazil National Team.

Pele is one of only 3 people to have scored in four separate World Cup tournaments.

Pele has registered the most assists in both an individual edition of the World Cup and overall.

Pele item for ALL

According to the ever-reliable Ultimate Team leaker, @FutSheriff, EA is set to make a Pele item available to unlock for all FUT players in honour of the footballing great.

It looks like it will be a Loan Pele item on offer via the Squad Building Challenges menu.

We expect Pele's 98 OVR Prime Icon version to be made available, given the Prime Icons were released into packs in recent weeks.

EA will likely offer a 7-match Loan on Pele and of course, you can use this item in unlimited matches in the Live FUT Friendly game mode.

When Maradona sadly passed away EA made a Rare Players Pack available to unlock alongside his Loan item, so we can expect the same this time around.

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