FIFA 23: ePL Champion Shellzz says "making them adapt to you" is key

The start of FIFA 23 signals the beginning of another competitive cycle, with top pros battling it out to become the best around.

It's not just bragging rights up for grabs, with plenty of money on offer for players that can do well in tournaments throughout the year.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Shaun "Shellzz" Springette ahead of the EA SPORTS Cup, where he will be representing Manchester City - alongside teammate Ryan Pessoa - to get his take on prepping for the mammoth tournament.

Winning Mentality

The EA SPORTS Cup is an invite-only, 2v2 event, which begins in October with the final coming at the end of January.

Starting off with group-stage matches before going into the knockout rounds, it gives two teams the chance to qualify for the FIFAe Club World Cup.

It's a big undertaking with a prize that money can't buy, so we asked how Shellzz is feeling ahead of the EA SPORTS Cup.

"I'm excited to get to work and hopefully put in a good performance!"

Putting in a good performance is one thing, but it doesn't always mean you get the results you wanted. So how far does Shellz think he can get?

"Every tournament I go to I think I can win it! Not just me, I know Ryan thinks he can win it too. So our eyes are on the prize. Obviously, we take one game at a time, but our eyes are on the trophy."

It's that confidence and winning mentality that helped Shellzz win the 2020/21 ePremier League title, with the final going all the way down to penalties.

Sizing Up the Opposition

We know Shellzz is feeling confident ahead of the competition and thinks the team can go all the way, so is he looking at the game directly in hand, or looking ahead?

"It's a bit of both. I think you're looking ahead to potential matchups, but first thing first is what is in front of you. We're against PSG in the first round, so we'll look at them, but we won't be caring about other results, because so long as we do our job, our role, other results don't matter."

Clearly, Shellzz is more focused on the performance of his own side as opposed to others. But will he be looking at the tactics of other players, thinking about changes he could make, or is he sticking with what he knows and does best?

"It's not really about their tactics. Obviously, with some opponents, you realise what they do from set pieces or tendencies that they might cut in and trivela from a certain angle. But I think the main thing is mastering your game and making them adapt to you.

"If we're struggling we have different ways we can adjust to try and help ourselves, but the main thing is not really worrying about what they do."

Matching with Mates

The mentality from Shellzz and the Manchester City camp is to focus on themselves, but are there any teams he doesn't want to match with?

"Not really, I'm confident against anyone. You'd prefer to play your friends later on because you'd be happy if they won.

"I'd love to play FNATIC or EXCEL in the final because we're all good mates, it would be good to win over them!"

That would give Shellzz the bragging rights and banter to use in their group chat!

He isn't worried about facing whoever comes his way, but as a winner of the ePremier League, does Shellzz feel it has put a target on his back, as one of the big dogs that need to be taken down?

"Obviously there are targets. I don't think I've put a huge target on my back, but you'd have to ask other competitors about that.

"I've won one trophy, which does put a target, but any opponent I want to beat, so it doesn't really make a difference."

Registrations are open for the ePremier League. Giving you the chance to represent your favourite Premier League team. Head to to sign-up and find out more!

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