FIFA 23 - EA makes FUT Draft the best Ultimate Team game mode by a MILE

In an unlikely move, EA has made FUT Drafts absolutely INSANE in FIFA 23.

The FIFA community has been crying out for certain aspects of the beloved Ultimate Team to be altered for years now and EA has finally answered with several awesome adjustments.

Read on to find out why the Draft is now the best place to be in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Vast improvements

First of all, EA has added Prime Icons to the pool of players you can use in the FUT Draft.

Prime Icons were released roughly one week ago and are the absolute cream of the crop in FUT 23.

Secondly, EA has made some truly top-tier rewards available to unlock simply through simply enjoying the game mode, via the Winter Draft Objectives.

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RIDICULOUS REWARDS - Four special items & more can be yours for FREE

EA has also made significantly more Draft Token Packs available to unlock via Objectives and SBCs, meaning you do not have to spend the 15,000 coins it costs to enter the Draft.

If you run out of Draft Tokens, your 15,000 coin investment is safe in the Draft.

Even if you lose in the first round, you will get 15,000 coins worth of packs back as a bare minimum and advance through one or two rounds nets you higher-value packs.

If you sell the items you receive in these packs smartly you can make a tidy profit but more importantly, you will get the chance to play with cards that you could never afford otherwise.

Creative cards added

As well as Prime Icons, EA has added SBC and Objective cards to the FUT Draft roster.

This is a MASSIVE win from EA and has been extremely well-received by the FIFA community.

As you can see from the image below, the likes of Flashback CR7 can now be found in the Draft.

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So, if you missed out on the chance to complete a high-value SBC player, like the Flashback Cristiano Ronaldo item, you still have the opportunity to enjoy playing with that card via the FUT Draft.

This not only brings more variety to FUT Draft but also just makes the game mode so much more exciting.

Winter Draft Objectives

As mentioned previously, EA has made a number of top-tier rewards available to unlock by completing various tasks within the FUT Draft.

You will have until Friday, 13 January to complete the objectives.

The Winter Draft objective tasks and rewards are as follows:

Play 1

Play 1 match in any FUT Game Mode.

Reward: Draft Token Pack

Play 1 FUT Draft

Play 1 FUT Draft Match.

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Reward: Winter Wildcards Swaps Token Kelman (OVR 60) (Untradeable)

Play 2 FUT Draft

Play 2 FUT Draft Matches.

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Reward: Ones to Watch Nico Schlotterbeck (OVR 86) (Untradeable)

Play 4 FUT Draft

Play 4 FUT Draft Matches.

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Reward: Rulebreakers Ben Godfrey (OVR 84) (Untradeable)

Win 5 FUT Draft

Win 5 FUT Draft Matches.

Reward: 81+ x11 Players Pack (Untradeable)

Play 6 FUT Draft

Play 6 FUT Draft Matches.

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Reward: FUT Hero Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (OVR 86) (Untradeable)

Play 10 FUT Draft

Play 10 FUT Draft Matches.

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Reward: Out Of Position Hamari Traore (OVR 86) (Untradeable)

Win 10 Online FUT Draft

Win 10 Online FUT Draft Matches.

Reward: Five 84+ Players Pack (Untradeable)

Win 20 Online FUT Draft

Win 20 Online FUT Draft Matches.

Reward: Five 84+ Players Pack (Untradeable)

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